Zhongchao Corporation establishes Zhixun Internet Hospital to provide patients with management services focused on oncology and other major diseases

ShanghaiAnd the September 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zhongchao Inc. (NASDAQ: ZCMD) (“Zhongchao” or “the Company”), an Internet technology company that provides healthcare professionals with online healthcare information, professional training, educational service platform, and patient management service, today that its subsidiary, Zhixun Internet Hospital (NASDAQ: ZCMD)Liaoning), Ltd. , launched Zhixun Internet Hospital to provide standardized online health care services for patients with tumors or other major diseases. It is another important step for Zhongchao to improve patient management services in the field of oncology and major diseases.

Combined with Zhongchao’s out-of-hospital patient management services, the establishment of Zhixun Hospital Internet enables Zhongchao to form an all-in-one patient management service (“all-in-one service”) of patient education and online follow-up counseling, treatment compliance management, improving quality of living, and establishing Comprehensive services for both out-of-hospital and in-hospital patients. The all-in-one service will, in various aspects, enhance the continuity of treatment for patients with tumors and other major diseases, and improve the patient’s conditions and treatment experience. First, for post-diagnostic management, patients receive remote medical advice from physicians at home. Patient information is reviewed, summarized, and then stored in the case center for post-diagnostic systems at Zhixun Internet Hospital. Each case will be distributed to the respective physicians, and physicians will return diagnostic and treatment opinions to the task center, which sends feedback to patients. Second, to manage out-of-hospital follow-up visits, Zhixun Internet Hospital maintains effective communication between patients and doctors, facilitates follow-up visits, and enhances the efficiency of the operation of the out-of-hospital follow-up system. Out-of-hospital follow-up is critical to successful completion of the treatment course and is an important part of disease management for patients with tumors and other major diseases. Finally, with comprehensive data and systems operated by Zhixun Internet Hospital, including but not limited to electronic medical records system and treatment compliance management system, Zhixun Internet Hospital can improve the existing business model and explore more patient-centered services, such as commercial health Insurance, drug sales, clinical research recruitment, and more.

With the advancement of medical technology, the survival period of many patients with tumors, blood diseases and other major diseases in China It has been greatly extended, and many of these major diseases have been transformed from incurable to chronic diseases. The demand for treatment has shifted from “more treatment options” to “good long-term survival,” and patients are in dire need of professional management services for long-term illnesses. Most online hospitals rely on the digitization of physical hospitals to facilitate in-hospital patient visits, provide remote diagnosis and prescriptions, or provide patients with follow-up consultation and remote consultation services. Zhixun Internet Hospital not only provides patients with All-in-One service for convenient and easy access to medical services, but also plays an active role in enhancing patient education and improving treatment compliance and treatment experience.

Weiguang YangZhongchao, Chairman and CEO, commented, “We have already accumulated successful experience in patient management through Shanghai Zhongxin Medical Technology Co. treatment services with patient management outside the hospital, which plays a positive role in improving the quality of medical services. And in At the same time, we are able to leverage our healthcare education services to improve diagnosis, treatment capabilities, and patients themselves.Managing our Internet Hospital.We anticipate that our unique integrated services will capitalize on the growing demand from major disease management services and bring long-term values ​​and benefits to each of our patients. and our business.”

About Zhongchao Inc.

Zhongchao Inc. It is an offshore holding company incorporated in Cayman Islands. Operations are taking place in China Through contractual arrangements between its wholly owned subsidiary and entities operating in the People’s Republic of China. Entities operating in the People’s Republic of China provide online healthcare information, professional training, and educational services to healthcare professionals within their MDMOOC platform (www.mdmooc.org), provide a patient management service in the professional field of oncology and rare diseases, and operate an online information platform, Sunshine Health Forums, to the general public. More information about the company can be found on the Investor Relations website http://izcmd.com.

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