Why Rachel Ricchia and Tino Franco broke up after ‘The Bachelor’

Fair warning: there Bachelorette Final spoilers ahead. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

else Bachelorette The season, another chance to remind that the series *always* manages to keep us on our toes. latest news? who – which Rachel Rikia I smashed things with the winner Tino Franco After their engagement at the end of the season. Update is c/o goss king Reality Stevewho reported that the duo reached the decision after a Ross and Rachel Eske rest The situation left them in a strange predicament. interesting!

This news comes as a sad shock to all who hoped the pilot would find love after patience Clayton ChardReally trash fire BA season Earlier this year, lol. But enough about bringing back life who – which Painful episode! This is what we know about him Rachel and Tinoship as is:

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Tino * * proposed to Rachel during Bachelorette end of the season

‘Kai, so we know that the general contractor proposed to Rachel after receiving the final rose, according to Reality Steve. And I mean, we can definitely see that coming since Tino’s first impression for Rachel rose and he was pretty much the first runner the whole season.

but!! The whirlwind romance ended up being short-lived since they’ve since broken up, and it seems like things went downhill pretty quickly after Neil Lin was introduced 💍.

Why did Rachel and Tino divorced? A number of reasons, it seems

Reality Steve He hit us again with a heavy dose of reality on his podcast on September 7th and he revealed the duo split – it seems like forever. “Rachel broke up with Tino, and they’re no longer engaged,” Steve began. “They have been fragmented, and there will not be any kind of reconciliation in ATFR From all I’ve heard. It’s over.” Oh!

Steve also added that Rachel told Tino afterwards Final in Mexico that when she moved to Los Angeles from her current Florida residence, she was intent on returning her engagement ring to ABC just for “dating.” FWIW, this is particularly interesting news because the reason why she is not allowed to do so aven The lead in the series was because he wanted to slow down the engagement schedule. my mood now:

on him September 15 podcastReality Steve further emphasized that Rachel’s decision to pump out breaks after experiencing a hiccup “wasn’t what Tino wanted.” He added that after the whole recovery episode, “there was a lull in the relationship, they stopped talking or communication was poor, and I could hear something along the lines of Ross/Rachel from ‘Friends’ kinda deal.” Their relationship eventually suffered after she was in that oblivion, and “during a night out, Tino kissed another girl. There was no sex, and nothing was going on.”

Eventually, Reality Steve said Tino told Rachel about the kiss, at which point she decided to end things. “My guess based on what I’ve heard is that if Rachel had given her another chance at the time, Tino would have wanted it, but he understood why Rachel had made the decision I made. He broke her trust with his actions when he should have told her right away. Not to mention he wouldn’t have He should cheat in the first place,” Steve concluded. Mind = blown.

Perhaps the Tino family was also involved in the decision

So this news is a little darker, but it isn’t Not Reasonable considering things looked rocky after History of the birthplace of Rachel and Tinoas it turns out that the parents of the general contractor did not sign the couple’s contract Bachelorette a trip.

Tino’s father, Joe, said during their hometown date, “I find it hard to believe that what you can do on a whirlwind fairy trip is really prepare you for marriage.” us weekly. To make matters worse, showbiz cheat sheet She reported that Tino’s mother apparently told Rachel “that’s not real” in reference to their ship. Oh, and there’s also the interesting Facebook status Joe posted in which he said he’s “very happy” that the show is almost over. Obviously the topic here is ~stress~ people!

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Was there also a bottle accident?

We love the plot twist! Well, first thing first: Several of the Season 19 contestants were seen partying at the Hampton Community Club in Nashville over the weekend. while you are there, Alec Garza (who was eliminated during his third week of the show) Share the Instagram story that sparked slight controversy. In several clips, he seems to have joined him Tyler NorrisAnd the Avene JonesJordan Vandergrave Nate MitchellAnd the Mario Vasaland other previous Season 19 costumes…along with an LED banner that reads “F*ck Tino,” per us weekly. Since then, the Instagram account Share a DM’s conversation with AlecAnd the Who wrote: “Not that deep. Someone bought us that bottle and put it down as a joke.” Pointed!

It is said that Rachel and Tino will be sitting together during After the final rose Serious spill ceremony 🍵

A really hot preview from the show’s closing episodes shows Rachel talking to someone (it definitely looks like Tino*) during the happy couple’s visit. “I want an answer as to why you did it, and what you did,” she says. Earlier in the clip, she also mentioned that one of the men told her something that “broke everything you promised me.”

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Gabe Wendy I also had some chosen words in the video that made me feel everything?!?!?! ???!?!?! “I think you should definitely kick him in [expletive]…You don’t deserve this.” Honestly, no idea what you’re talking about, but I’m immediately on the girls’ team here, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Be sure to tune in to tomorrow night’s finale to get Bachelorette Fix and (maybe?!) Get answers to all your outstanding questions.

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