Why John Tortorella ‘Keep on Seeing’ and ‘Working with Flyers’ Rasmus Restolainen

Voorhees, NJ – An important reason why Flairs wanted Rasmus Restolainen was his direct defence.

It is a style of play that fades from the game as the level of talent increases.

But it is necessary.

“I think there probably isn’t enough of it,” Scott Laughton said Wednesday.

John Tortorella is in this camp as well.

“Oh, yes, God,” said the coach.

For the first time this season, Flyers will have a bruise on the back end. Restolainen was off the field during the match that Flairs started 4-2-0 due to a lower body injury. The 6-foot-4 Finnish defender will be making his season debut on Thursday when the Flyers host the Panthers (7pm EST/NBCSP). It will also be his twenty-eighth birthday.

Ristolainen got it on two straight days of training and felt good.

“When you always train, you try to go there 100 percent,” he said. “Try to get involved and have some communication situations.”

The Flyers will roll with 11 forwards and seven pitchers against Florida. Along with Restolainen, winger Owen Tibet will return after suffering an upper body injury in the first period of the season. Flairs will play an extra defensive man with no forwards James van Rimsdijk (broken finger) and Taner Laczynski (a family affair).

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General Manager Chuck Fletcher Acquired Ristolainen during July 2021 in a trade with Sabers. Flyers He re-signed him to a five-year, $25.5 million contract in March last season. Restolainen missed the club’s last nine games of the 2021-22 season with an upper body injury, so Thursday night will be his first regular season game in just under 200 days.

“Risto is a great player and an important player for this team,” said Ivan Provorov. “His size, his reach, his physique is definitely a huge part of his game and a very important part of a good defense, giving your team momentum.”

Tortorella appreciates Ristolainen’s defensive type.

“I think that’s how you have to play in defense that is tough, tough and in you,” the 64-year-old said on Wednesday. “There’s a lot of talent in this league. It’s a problem we have. We mirror it, we watch them play, we think we have them because they’re outside, but there’s a lot of things behind this playing with people cutting arrows, talents finding people.”

“The longer they have the puck and it doesn’t stop, it’s better for other players who don’t have a puck to walk away from the check. It gives them more chances. That’s why we want to stop it as quickly as possible. That’s how we play in defense. We play multiple defense. layers, but it starts with our initial contact on the disk.”

Tortorella wants Ristolainen to balance big hits with smart reads. The exit from office was a blow to Ristolainen.

“He’s a big body and he’s ready to share,” Tortorella said on Tuesday. “I want him to understand our coverage and the way we play in defence.

“I think the biggest thing is that I don’t just want him looking for the big hits. I think you start looking for the big hits as a defensive man, and you end up on the outside and that’s when people start to get to you. I want fitness, but I also want some patience and being centered in his game.

“When he plays, he will improve, I’m sure that will be something where we will have to calm him down a little bit, and look for those big hits. We will work with him.”

Restolainen understands what Tortorella and assistant coach Brad Shaw will ask of him.

“Try to play smart and kill plays,” said Restolainen. “Try to get the disc more than going through the guy.”

But they will take that ugliness in your face.

“I think the game kind of disappeared from her,” Laughton said. “But you’re entering A game like Nashville where they have two big boys and we have tooIt’s fun games to play in. It brings out the best in some players. “

Thursday night will be Tortorella’s first game as coach of Restolinen.

“I didn’t focus much on him when he was playing for other teams, but I’ve heard some really good things here from the reports I get from Chuck and the staff,” Tortorella said. “So I can’t wait to see him play.”

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