Who will be in the MLS West Qualifiers?

The most direct way to Seattle Sounders To qualify for the 14th consecutive MLS postseason is to sponsor their own business. There is almost no chance they will miss the playoffs if they win their last five games and finish with 51 points.

Beyond that, they will likely need some help. Let’s take a closer look at their competitors:

the current situation: 46 points third place in the Western Conference

remaining matches (4): against LAFC; in San Jose Earthquakes; in Colorado Rapids; against. Sporting KC

Noticeable injuries: no one

modern shape: Regardless of the 4-0 loss in Nashville, they’ve looked really good, going 4-2-2 in the last eight games.

prospects: With only four matches left, their schedule is roughly in the middle of this group. But they also have plenty of wiggle room, if they can win one of their remaining two home games, they’ll be fine.

the current situation– 45 points in fourth place in the West

remaining matches (4): against. Los Angeles Galaxy; in Austin FC; against. Houston Dynamo; in LAFC

Noticeable injuriesTil Bunbury deals with a thigh injury.

modern shape: Just gone, it looked as if their playoff hopes were in jeopardy, Nashville turned their tide and is now offering a 4-game winning streak pretty much on the back of World Series best player Hani Mokhtar, who scored 7 goals and 2 assists in that time .

prospects: Three of their remaining four matches are against playoff contenders, including road matches against Austin FC and LAFC. But that home game against bottom-placed Houston leaves them a long way to go even if they stumble on their own against the Galaxy this week.

the current situation– 44 points – Fifth place in the West

remaining matches (5): in Portland Timbers; versus LAFC. at Sporting KC; in earthquakes vs. Vancouver Whitecaps.

Noticeable injuries: They are missing many outstanding players. The most recent loss was defender Bakay Debase, who tore his quadriceps muscle and will miss the rest of the season.

modern shape: It was only a few weeks ago when they looked like absolute lockouts for third place in the West. But since DeBase’s injury, they’ve become a different team. They managed to hold out and beat Dynamo in the match that Dibassi went down but now have a 6-0 advantage in the two full games he missed. He has also conceded 17 goals in his past seven matches.

prospects: Although their schedule seems manageable, there is cause for concern. The only game in which they will be a huge favorite from now on is their home Decision Day match against Whitecaps. If they lose to the Timbers this week, they are surely a team the Sounders should be watching.

the current situation– 42 points in sixth place in the West

remaining matches (5); against. DC United; in Austin vs FC Cincinnati. at LA Galaxy; vs Timbers

Noticeable injuries: Danny Mosowski has yet to play since he was acquired in a deal with LAFC.

modern shape: After winning a road match against the Sounders on August 14, RSL was beautifully seated. But they’ve only gone 1-1-2 since then.

prospects: They got a virtual gift this week when they host DC United, but it gets more difficult after that as they probably need at least three more points. A Decision Day home match against the Timbers will likely loom very large and could end up being an actual elimination match.

the current situation42 points: seventh place in the West

remaining matches (4): vs. Mn; in Columbus Crowe; versus LAFC. in RSL

Noticeable injuries: Felipe Mora will be out for the rest of the year.

modern shape: After consecutive losses to Toronto FC And Sporting KC a few weeks ago, Timbers seemed to be in serious trouble. But they have now won by three goals in a row in a massive game with Minnesota.

prospectsA home win over Minnesota would be very huge for them, but if they falter it becomes very difficult. They probably need at least six points from their last four games and will be underdogs in their last three. They have the toughest table left of all the contenders.

the current situation: 39 points, eighth in the west

remaining matches (6): in Nashville; in whitecaps. Rapids vs. Earthquakes vs. RSL; in dynamo

Noticeable injuries: nothing new.

modern shape: Although the Galaxy is riding a four-game streak undefeated, this is a bit disingenuous. Not only did three of those scores tie, but they had a tie in the 88th minute or later in all three.

prospects: Depending on your point of view, they either do a great job of getting results or they just struggle to stick. The last time they beat a team at the playoff center was on July 4th when they hit CF Montreal, 4-0. They obviously have six matches left in their favour, but four of them are on the way and they will likely need to win at least one match.

the current situation: 36 points, ninth place in the West

remaining matches (5): opposite Austin FC; in whitecaps. against FC Cincinnati. at Sporting KC; against earthquakes

Noticeable injuries: Christian Roldan will miss at least the Sporting KC match.

modern shapeSunday’s win over Dynamo in a five-game losing sleigh took Seattle just one point and eliminated all room for error.

prospects: The Sounders probably don’t need to literally win, but they probably can’t afford to lose more than four points over their last five games. This is certainly difficult, but the schedule seems reasonably manageable. Aside from the Austin game, the toughest game will likely be Sporting KC, who will likely miss the playoffs but have played better lately. If the Sounders can make it to Decision Day with a realistic snapshot of the playoffs, you should almost consider that a feat in itself and I’d love to take their chances at that point.

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