Wendy Dew: Ronnie James Deo ‘was always overlooked during the time he was alive’

The first documentary film about the life and times of the legendary metal icon Ronnie James Deo It will be shown in more than 500 cinemas around the world by Trafalgar release And the BMG For two days only, Wednesday 28th September and Sunday 2nd October duetA longtime widow and manager Wendy Dew and fully authorized by artist property, Duo: Dreamers Never Die Delves into the singer’s astonishing rise from the 1950s to the early rock days of dwarf And the Richie Blackmore‘s RainbowTo replace Ozzy Osbourne in black sabbathand finally consolidated his position as a music star with his own band, DIO. The film includes never-before-seen snapshots and selfies, as well as showcasing intimate scenes with his closest peers, family and friends, including WendyAnd the Tony IumiAnd the geezer butlerAnd the Glenn HughesAnd the Vinny AbyssAnd the Lita FordAnd the Rob HalfordAnd the Sebastian BachAnd the Eddie Trunk And the black jackwhere they bring viewers into the life of a true rock ‘n’ roll hero and one of rock’s most beloved characters.

Request in a new interview with Anne Erickson From audio ink radio On her previous comment that her mission in life now is to continue runelegacy, Wendy He said, “I just think so rune He was always ignored during the time he was alive. And after his death, she felt that his music was something he wrote for fans, and he gave it to fans. He loved his fans and it must continue and continue. This was one of the reasons we made the documentary, so that people could understand him and understand his life, where he came from and the trials and tribulations he went through. It wasn’t successful overnight. He definitely paid his dues. And also to get his message out there. runeIt was always a message, like, follow your heart, follow your dreams [and] Don `t give up.”

Wendy She also talked about her first reaction to the vision Duo: Dreamers Never Diesaying, “When they put the movie together and we had a special for me, it was my first chance to see all the little parts put together, and it was bittersweet. How I wanted rune to be photographed. They did a great job. And that was really, really — after all the hard work we all put in, it was, like, “Woah.” I think fans will absolutely love it.”

In addition to the feature film, this special cinematic event will also include a carefully selected selection of extracts from the cutting room floor, creating an exclusive experience for fans in attendance only.

Ronnie James Deo, who died of stomach cancer in 2010, has gone on to be one of the most influential rock artists of all time and one of the greatest singers of all time. With a illustrious recording career spanning from the 1950s through the 2000s, the documentary follows the path of singer, songwriter, and pioneer of not one, but three world-famous attractions, multi-platinum on the yard sale: RainbowAnd the black sabbath And the DIO. He is best known for promoting the “devil’s horns” hand gesture, which has now become synonymous with hard rock and heavy metal music. duet He was known for not hesitating in pursuit of his rock ‘n’ roll dreams and went on to influence a new generation of music artists. His fans around the world remember him not only for his immense talent, but for his kindness, which has led to the raising of millions of dollars for cancer research in his memory.

Duo: Dreamers Never Die Funded only by BMG It was directed by without argot And the Damian Fenton (“Framing John DeLorean”And the “believer”And the “Last days here”),produced by without argot And the Sheena Joyce for 9.14 Imagesand executive production Wendy Dew for Neji Productions And the Kathy Rifkin Dom for BMG.

Rhino/WMG The soundtrack will be released from Duo: Dreamers Never Die In the fall.

in this year SXSW Film Festivalmany of the musical personalities who participated in the making of the film – WendyAnd the butler And the bach – Share to a board, “Dreamers Never Die: The Enduring Power of Minerals” Board hosted by SiriusXM‘s Eddie Trunk At the Austin Convention Center. The discussion video is available below.

Wendy Recently, an Argentine journalist Lucas Gordon Around Duo: Dreamers Never Die: “I saw the first clip of it. It was very emotional. It’s completely different from him [Dio‘s autobiography]. Because the book ended in 1986 rune Play Madison Square Garden. But the documentary ran his whole life to the end. And he was very emotional. I was watching it with my publicist and someone from BMGWho finance the documentary. And we all cried. It was very emotional. But it’s really interesting and really good. Rob Halford Great for telling stories. Lita Ford [and] black jack [are also in it]. Eddie Trunk And the Mick Wall [author of Dio‘s autobiography] Both types narrated and everything. I am very happy with that “.

In August 2021, Wendy Tell SiriusXM‘s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” On what fans can expect from the documentary: “There are a bunch of things from [old] Super 8 [tapes] And some other things. There are great interviews with all kinds of different people about their time working with them rune Or what they were doing at the time, maybe supporting him rune. It is completely different from [recently released Dio] the book.”

Ronnie James Deo He died of stomach cancer on May 16, 2010 at the age of 67.

duet He is known worldwide as one of the greatest and most influential singers in the history of heavy metal music. The singer who was recording and touring with him black sabbath branch heaven hell Prior to his illness, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer in late 2009. He underwent chemotherapy and has now made his last public appearance in April 2010 at Gods Golden Pistol Awards In Los Angeles.

duetBiography titled Rainbow in the Dark: The AutobiographyIt was released in July 2021 via attenuated press.

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