Former Cerner chief to lead health apree in MEdition to build an integrated digital navigator and class leader for advanced primary care

Seattle And the San FranciscoAnd the September 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/- Vera Hall Health, Inc. And the Castlight Health, Inc. Today announced the appointment of Donald Trigg as CEO and unveiled a new brand for the company: apree health. As of this week, Trigg is serving as CEO and joining the company’s board of directors.

“Abri Health is uniquely poised to transform the healthcare industry with a comprehensive solution that combines mobility, advanced primary care and a financial model with aligned incentives that transform lives through better health,” he said. Ronald Williams, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vera Whole Health and the combined Castlight Health. “Don is a proven industry leader who has spent nearly two decades at the intersection of healthcare and information technology to help improve health outcomes. He is the right CEO to drive our efforts to launch and scale value-based care for the benefit of providers, patients, plan sponsors and health plans.”

Ravi SachdevPartner in lead investor Clayton, Dubilier & Rice added, “When we announced the combination of Vera Whole Health and Castlight Health, we set out on a mission to accelerate the transformation of payment and care delivery by combining technology with a unique clinical delivery model. We have now come to the A major milestone toward this goal is the appointment of Don as CEO.”

Trigg most recently served as President of Cerner Corporation. During his tenure, the company has grown from more than 800 million dollars mostly 6 billion dollars in revenue. As president, Trigg has had full P&L responsibilities across all of Cerner’s business groups spanning from clinical EMR and revenue cycle to a range of strategic growth companies outside of EMR including health provider network strategies around value-based care.

“There is an affordability crisis in US healthcare that will define the decade,” Trigg said. “The market is tired of point solutions that fail to deliver a person-centered care system with world-class expertise, improved outcomes, and lower costs. Apree health has an opportunity to deliver a comprehensive strategy for digital mobility, advanced primary care and organ risk management. It will improve the lives of millions of Americans and bring about A transformation in health care in the United States.”

More on Donald Trigg

Donald Trigg He most recently served as President of Cerner Corporation. As president of Cerner, Don has assumed overall management, profit and loss, and operational responsibilities for the entire group of Cerner’s business groups. These groups consist of Cerner’s foundational electronic medical record (EMR) and revenue cycle. Also included almost 1 billion dollars In revenue from a strategic growth business that ranges from Real Time Health Systems (RTHS) within the four walls of a hospital to the health network, behavioral health, LTPAC and workforce health business outside the four hospital walls to real-world data and clinical trial work.

During more than a decade at Cerner, Trigg has held diverse leadership roles throughout the company. His responsibilities ranged from Executive Vice President of the Strategic Growth Business at Cerner to General Manager of Cerner United kingdom And the Ireland operations in London, England To General Manager for the Midwest Region within the US Market to the first-ever Vice President of the Cerner Government Practice.

Outside of Cerner, Trigg has extensive experience in scaling early stage growth businesses. From 2010-2012, he led the implementation of the rapid growth plan for the natural language processing resource CodeRyte, culminating in a strategic acquisition by 15:00 In 2012. Served on the Board of Directors of the Head of Referral Management, Boston– Kyruus, as well as on the Board of Directors of Medicare Advantage Solutions Provider for Health Systems, Saint LouisLumiris based.

Trigg has also spent more than a decade in Washington DC Worked for four years George W. Bush In his 2000 presidential campaign in Austin, Texasand his first presidential term in Washington DC He has also served in a variety of senior political positions in the US Senate and the US House of Representatives.

Trigg received his bachelor’s degree from Saint Lawrence University in Canton, New York. He is the co-author of The new healthy economy: ground rules for leaders.Georgetown University press).

About health apree

Apree health is on a mission to build the first comprehensive healthcare solution that redefines the care experience and transforms the way patients access and engage with care, the way providers deliver care, and the way employers and other buyers pay for care. Apree Health does this by combining the best of data-driven navigation and insights, the most advanced primary care model, and value-based risk models to unlock health outcomes and improve lives for those it serves.

About Vera Hall Health

Vera Whole Health leads the critical shift to value-based care through United State. Vera is the only model of care that has the ability to deliver entire system health to a diverse group of patients from a single care center. The Vera model is uniquely designed to help people achieve optimal social, psychological and physical well-being – an outcome that is neither likely nor affordable in the current sick care system.

About Castlight Health

Castlight’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for people to navigate the healthcare system and live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. As a leader in healthcare mobility, Castlight provides a global digital platform with a team of clinical experts and benefits to help members easily connect and interact with the right programs and care, at the right time. Castlight partners with Fortune 500 companies and health plans to transform employee and member benefits into a single comprehensive health and wellness experience to deliver better health outcomes and maximize returns on healthcare investments.

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