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After splitting the first two competitions of the series against the reigning World Champion Braves in Atlanta, the Phillies returned home to participate in Game 3.

In the first on-court playoff since 2011, the power at Citizens Bank Park will be electric. With a sea of ​​loyal Philly supporters around the team, the Phillies are looking to ride the momentum of the local crowd to victory.

Getting rid of Braves will not be an easy task, even at home. For a better understanding, let’s break down the pivotal match of Game 3 today.

Field’s main advantage?

This season, the Phillies went 40-41 on the road while they went 47-34 at home, making their first game win in Atlanta all the more significant. In ten matches against the Braves at Citizens Bank Park, each team has won five games.

For what it’s worth, Braves director Brian Snitker doesn’t expect CBP’s atmosphere to be overly hostile. over here His full quote earlier this week.

“I’ve been to Philly when it gets crazy. When I was a third start coach, every game we played was crazy,” Snicker said.

“These guys are used to it. It’s obviously going to be, I think, a so-called hostile environment. But they’re used to it. The last two nights, the last – this whole year has been crazy here. It’s been pretty much like a baseball playoff all year long here. “.

“And I don’t think it’s anything they haven’t been exposed to and would probably feed on like they would feed our audience here in Atlanta.”

This quote is a bit like writing a check one can’t cash, but we’ll see how it plays out in Philly.

Again, it won’t be easy, but the Phillies have to figure out a way to win the only home supplement game in the series.

Potential jugs


The starting pitcher for Game 3 was not chosen by the Braves. Either right veteran Charlie Morton Or a novice fireball player Spencer Strider, according to director Brian Snicker, will start. Despite Strider’s slash injury, Snitker claimed he was ready to play.

Morton, who will turn 39 next month, has plummeted hard this year. With a 4.34 ERA and 1.23 WHIP this season, Morton was an easy target for opposing hitters. Additionally, the veteran road shooter has been crushed, holding a 5.72 ERA in road games.

He had a 5.47 ERA in five starts versus the Phillies while posting a 7.04 ERA in his three Phillies matches.


For Velez, it will be Aaron Nola on the hill.

Nola was off in his last appearance, throwing six rounds to close the Cardinal in the Wild Card series.

this chapter, Aaron Nola had the highest wartime average (6.3) among all shooters. He finished the year with only 235 attacks and 29 walks, the most hits in a season with fewer than 30 walks in MLB history. Nola joined Cy Young (1904), Kevin Gausman (2022), and Phillies ace Cliff Lee (2012) as the only pitchers to record over 200 strikes and less than 30 walks in the same season.

Braves have seen Nola five times this year. Nola went 3-2 with 3.67 ERA and 1.08 WHIP in those games. On his last ride, he made six point-free frames while scoring eight.

No matter who’s brave jogging as a starter for Game 3, Phillies should have the advantage.

Crime will need life

I recently wrote about Velez’s offense should be the engine behind beating the brave And that remains true for today’s match.

In the 19 games played against the Braves this season, there have been eight in which the Phillies have made more than 10 games.

In those eight games, the Phillies averaged 7.4 runs per game, which would have been the highest mark in the MLB if extrapolated over the entire season. Additionally, the 7.4 runs they averaged over this period were four runs higher than their season average of just over three (3.3) runs per game.

Unfortunately, the last match was not productive for Phils as they continued to close. If the Velez wanted to overthrow the heroes, they would need their attack to inject some life into them again.

Whether it’s against a shaky veteran in Morton or a novice thrower in Strider, expect Phillies’ offense to pounce at Citizens Bank Park.

how to watch

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Image source: AP Photo / David J. Phillip

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