V describes how BTS shows their support for each other’s individual work, what music and happiness mean to him, and more

BTS‘s Fifth I recently collaborated with WG Korea for a mystical shoot!

In his accompanying interview, V shared his opinion on why the world needs music, saying, “I think music helps us all breathe. I don’t think I want to live if music is taken out of my life. I think music is what amplifies all emotions, including Comfort, pleasure and a sense of touch, in all my lifestyles, such as when I go to work and work and leave work and eat.”

In response to the interviewer’s comment that they had discovered a new song because of him, V commented, “I learned about Choi Baek Ho’s ‘End of the Sea’ through Park Hyo Shin and feel good that you discovered it through me.” I hope it gave you relief.”

The interviewer added that despite all the uncertainties in life, Y reminds them of the famous phrase “Keep calm and go on.” When asked if he’s the type to keep his cool in unexpected situations, V replied, “Even if I look comfortable, I honestly am not. I just act like that.”

He explained, “Instead, I’ve learned how to think straight. Even if my thoughts are not the right answer, I act with confidence that these thoughts are the best I can do. It’s not that there is no pressure, but I do not regret my actions. If that For the people I love, I think I should act well. Even when I hurt or suffer, thanks to ARMY [BTS’s fan club]BTS, my family, and friends, I’m healthy and happy. “

I am a well-known social figure who has many famous friends, commenting on them, “I’m the type who cherishes my relationships with others. I originally like people and think that all artists, directors, writers, and reporters are precious. In the past, I got hurt and started to turn away from people looking at me.” As a V or as a link, but I still love people. The people around me now are the precious people who made me who I am today.”

One of the supposed difficulties about being famous is the perceptions people convey of you, and V was asked if his identity is something he struggles with. He gave a short, sweet answer, saying: “Ye is another person than me and one of my many personalities.”

In the past, he has explained his concerns about whether fans will continue to like him if they don’t see him for longer periods of time. He shared his current thoughts on the matter, commenting, “Recently, things have gotten better because we’ve been promoting and doing concerts, but if there’s another period where I can’t see my fans, it’ll be hard. I want to promote constantly, but there’s the physical side.. It’s a pity that I don’t think I’m able to meet fans as much as I feel determined to. However, I always work hard to be able to show my best when I get the chance to meet fans.”

Currently, BTS is focusing on solo promotions. On how the members continue to provide support and strength to each other while working separately, V explained, “We really support each other. Recently, the members went to Suga’s house to share the singles we created. Some were dancing and we all said, “It’s good, It’s good!” He added, “I don’t know if it’s because the members are making new music of their own color, but it’s great to see how passionate, actively, and hard they are that we make music and love each other.”

Besides the solo album in the works, V discussed other areas that caught his interest, sharing, “For starters, everything ARMY likes is what I like, so I want to try everything. There has been talk of appearing on radio so I want to try radio.”

In the midst of BTS promotions, V talked about feeling a bit restricted as a member of a group. V commented, “I was really grateful that ARMY totally understood how we felt. Thank you for supporting us so much. Thank you, you were able to lighten that load a little bit.”

Previously, he described happiness as a moment without worry. When asked if he ever had these moments, he said, “Well…I still think those moments come and go. If life was only happy, wouldn’t that be difficult too? Just like you want to eat something bitter or salty when the thing is Just sweet, wouldn’t a life swinging back and forth be good?”

J’s full interview and video will be shown in the upcoming October issue of WWG Korea.

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