Tua, Jones together again while Bates visits Miami in first week

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (AP) – Tua Tagovailoa apparently didn’t celebrate that statistic. Bill Belichick certainly isn’t.

Tagoviloa hears all the time about the things he supposedly can’t do – he can’t throw the deep ball, he can’t stay healthy, he can’t make it to the playoffs, things like that.

So far, when he plays for the New England Patriots, he can’t afford to lose either.

Tagovailoa is 3-0 in his first three games against the Patriots, and he and the Miami Dolphins will be looking to make it 4-0 when they host Mac Jones — former Alabama teammate Tagovailoa — and New England in Week 1 of the NFL regular season on Sunday.

“I won’t testify that I’m 3-0,” Tagoviloa said. “I would certify that we are 3-0 as a team. It requires all of us. I’m just a distributor. I just have to get it to our playmakers. They make plays. Our defense takes us the ball back and the defense stops. Special teams, they do their part. And that’s how we You win matches.”

According to SportRadar, the only other players to win their first three games against the Patriots in Belichick’s coaching era there, dating back to 2000, were Jake Plummer, Vinnie Testaverde, Jay Fiedler and Drew Bryce.

No one has won their first four games against New England since Belichick took charge there; Testaverdi, Fiedler and Brees all lost in fourth, and Plummer made only the three starts.

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