Top 5 Blockchain Certifications to Boost Your Job Readiness

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Blockchain Certificates

Blockchain technology is new and has only been around for about a decade now, and it has gained wide popularity all over the world. Of late, blockchain has been accepted across industry sectors as a disruptive technology that helps improve business operations. Initially found as a technology to keep digital cash transactions secure and tamper-resistant, the technology has evolved significantly in the past five years to grow as a disruptive technology that is now being used across multiple business areas.

Blockchain expands to fill business fields

Various government and commercial sectors nowadays and in the current era are making use of blockchain technology to process cash transactions to keep digital transactions safe and secure. A few of these sectors include utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, and advertising, among many others. Moreover, the blockchain industry has expanded its assistance in facilitating other business functions apart from transaction processing, which includes recording health insurance claims and tracking shipment orders.

Top 5 Blockchain Certifications for Industry Aspirants

Top 5 Blockchain Certifications to Boost Your Job Readiness

#1. Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases – Powered by Coursera

The mentioned certificate program in blockchain technology is well suited for both types of aspirants in the industry – developers and non-developers. Apart from guiding you to the basics of disruptive technology, the program will teach you about the philosophy associated with the concept of decentralization that eventually became the USP of the blockchain that became popular all over the world.

In the first three modules, you will learn the basics of said technology. In the fourth module, the program will take you beyond bitcoin and work deeper into the next generation blockchain network, known as ‘Ethereum’, to make you understand the modern blockchain and its industry applications.

#2. Business Blockchain Professional (BBP™) by CBCA (US Central Blockchain Council)

Business Blockchain Professional (BBP™) by CBCA It is a comprehensively designed blockchain certification program that covers all concepts, applications, principles and uses of blockchain technology. Furthermore, it is a career-oriented certificate program that helps develop vital industry-relevant skills in aspirants who are preparing to face their first job interview in the highly competitive job market. While reviewing the syllabus of said certification program, candidates will learn contemporary blockchain strategies adopted by major corporations that take advantage of disruptive technology.

#3. Blockchain Security Training Course by Gray Campus

It is a high-tech certificate program in blockchain that requires registrants to possess sufficient knowledge in programming and coding for both back-end and front-end applications. The program will allow you to learn about the design and testing of blockchain applications. You will learn how to create smart contracts and become familiar with the Composer Modeling Language. Cryptocurrencies are something that this certification program focuses on; Thus, you will learn a lot about Hyperledger, Ethereum and bitcoin operating systems.

# 4. Certified Blockchain Engineer (CBE) from CBCA (US Central Blockchain Board)

It is offered by the globally recognized accrediting body CBCA (US Central Blockchain Council), which lends a great brand reputation and suitability to the industry. The CBE introduces blockchain knowledge regarding cryptocurrency development and applications along with teaching you the intricacies of current blockchain principles, concepts, technologies and applications.

Absolute truth can estimate the value quotient associated with said certification program, as a CBE-certified individual can build applications across different platforms, including Stratis, IOTA, Lisk, Hydrachain, OpenChain, Hyperledger, and Ethereum.

#5. Certified Blockchain Enterprise Professional (CEBP) – by 101 Blockchains

This certificate program offers you self-paced learning and is specifically designed to guide you through all the major aspects of blockchain technology and how it affects key business operations. You will learn about effectively catering to an organization’s needs related to the adoption and application of blockchain technology. Knowledge will be provided to registrants regarding the strategic approaches used by large companies in relation to blockchain adoption in contemporary times.

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