Top 10 potential graduates based on updated bachelor degrees

Assessments were conducted jointly with Kyle Glaser, Jeff Pontes, and BA staff.

American baseball tracks expectations from the amateur ranks all the way to the major leagues, but then shifts our primary focus to the next wave of possibilities.

In this space, we give those potential clients who have turned into a great league their due. We’ve ranked the top 10 potential alumni – you know well as freshmen – from the NBA and the Eastern National in 2022.

Each prospect is listed with his or her own pre-season BA and then an updated BA based on what happened in 2022. Each player is ranked on a 20-80 exploratory scale, with an average of 50. Risk is also rated on a scale of low, medium, high, very high, or severe. This method will be familiar to prospective customer guide readers.

1. Madeleine Rochman, C, The Orioles
Advance preparation:
75 / average
updated: 75 / low

Rutschman entered the season #1 in baseball, and today’s best bet is to be a franchise player. He had one of the best seasons ever for a rookie striker, hitting .254/.362/.445 with 13 home runs and 65 walks in 113 games, while playing Gold Glove-caliber defense and establishing himself as the captain of the team. 2023 Age: 25

2. Michael Harris II, Braves
Advance preparation: 60 / high
updated: 65 / low

The Braves retreated to Double-A to call up Harris on May 28 and helped ignite the club’s attack. Led all the NL rookies into the war thanks to the .297/ .339/ .514 hitting streak with 19 wreckers and 20 steals, bolstered by a Gold Glove caliber defense in the center of the field. Harris looks like an all-star in the future. 2023 Age: 22

3. Spencer Strider, RHB, Braves
Advance preparation: 50 / high
updated: 65 / average

Strider spent the first two months of 2022 playing the Braves before smoothly transitioning into the spin on May 30. He was able to set his objects closer to periods of five or six rounds, hitting 38% of hitters to create a new beginner record with at least 100 rounds. In the spin, Strider scored a 2.77 ERA and 0.99 whip in 107 innings and has a No. 3 starter floor. 2023 Age: 24

4. Brian Bello, RHP, Red Sox
Advance preparation: 55 / high
updated: 60 / high

Bellew came out of the 2020 loss with a stronger throw—he averaged about 97 mph on his MLB debut—which helped turn his impressive performance around. With a slight overdrive, Bellew has a third starting position, which he flashed in his last eight starts: 3.12 ERA, 40 strikes and 16 walks in 40 runs. 2023 Age: 24

5. CJ Abrams, SS, Citizens
Advance preparation: 65 / high
updated: 55 / average

Due to the pandemic, injuries and making the Padres inaugural roster in 2022, Abrams has just 114 minor league games. That lack of experience showed in his first season in MLB—he hit .246 with a 76 OPS+—but Abrams’ consistent defensive play and .303 September hit average indicated he was starting to show above-average potential on the short layover. 2023 Age: 22

6. Von Grissom, 2b, Braves
Advance preparation: 45 / high
updated: 55 / average

Grissom started the season at High-A and finished it in Atlanta. He had a long stint as the club’s second captain as he was making up for the injured Ozzy Albis. Grissom hit .291/.353/.440 with five housekeepers in 41 games, and given his youth and efficiency he looks like an average, above-average potential player. 2023 Age: 22

7. Edward Cabrera, RHP, Marlins
Advance preparation: 55 / high
updated: 55 / average

Cabrera answered questions about whether his stuff would play against MLB hitters — if not about his durability — by displaying a fastball at 96 mph and three minor pitches with positive running values. In his last 11 starts, Cabrera clocked a 2.89 ERA with 60 strikes and 24 walks in 56 runs. Number 3 is achievable. 2023 Age: 25

8. Bryson Stott, SS, Phyllis
Advance preparation: 55 / high
updated: 50 / low

Stott solidified in 2021 and made the Phillies roster for opening day in 2022. He took his block early before finding more groove in the second half, scoring .276/.331/.404 and settling in as a daily stopping top. It could be plain normal. 2023 Age: 25

9. Mackenzie GorLHP, Citizens
Advance preparation: 55 / extreme
updated: 50 / average

Gore may be the toughest young player to rate. From appearing as unlikely in 2021 to a No. 3 rookie type with Padres early in 2022, Gore ended his time at San Diego on a bad note — 27 times in his last 22 MLS tours — before going on to the injured roster with Elbow inflammation. He’ll get a fresh start – and a long run – in Washington and can steadily evolve to No. 4. 2023 Age: 24

10. Felix Bautista, RHP, Orioles
Advance preparation:
updated: 50 / average

Bautista finished 2021 in the Triple-A Bullpen, but made an impact with Baltimore throughout the entire 2022 season, scoring 15 starts for the Orioles after taking charge of closest Jorge Lopez. Bautista may have a shorter peak based on his age, but he may have several seasons as a closer upper shelf. 2023 Age: 28

Madeleine Rochman (Photo by Scott Teich - Getty Images)

2022 America Baseball Team All Beginners

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More graduates

50 / medium risk

Kibert Ruiz, C, Citizens

45 / Low risk

Kyle Pradesh, RHP, Orioles
Oswaldo Cabrera, Utah, Yankees
Bryce Elder, RHP, Braves
Billy Walter, LHP, Phyllis
Braxton Jarrett, LHP, Marlins

45 / medium risk

JJ Bledi, Marlins
Vidal Brogan, Utah, Rice
Josh Lowe, from Rice
Clark Schmidt, RHP, Yankees
Mitch White, RHP, Blue Jays

40 / Low risk

Joan Adon, RHP, The Citizens
Garen Doran, from the Red Sox
Jose Seri, OF, Reese
Josh Winkowski, RHP, Red Sox

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