Tomorrow’s Top 25 Today: Georgia takes top spot from Alabama as turmoil alters college football rankings

College football rankings are set to make a big change when the AP Top 25 is updated on Sunday as voters must respond to the many massive upheavals that have occurred (as well as other upheavals that approx event) during a wild week 2. Three of the top 10 teams lost on the same day (two of them to Sun Belt competitors) but it was a close upset in Austin, Texas, which could lead to the most significant change in the rankings.

No. 1 Alabama Scored a game-winning field goal with 10 seconds left to escape with a 20-19 win over an unranked Texas and claim a victory over the Longhorns who initially lost Quinn Ewers to injury in the first quarter. The fact that Horns pushed Crimson Tide to the limit could actually garner more votes for Steve Sarkisian’s team than he got last week when Texas finished 28th in voting points. On the other hand, Alabama’s volatile display (15 penalty kicks!) as a 20-point favorite for a team that hasn’t previously been ranked will likely affect its status as the best team in the country.

Some of Alabama’s number one votes from the pre-season ratings have already gone Georgia Road After Bulldog Week 1 win against Oregon. If the tide loses votes in favor of the defending champion while winning 55-0 against him Utahthey will almost certainly drop further after Georgia topped Samford 33-0 in Week 2. If Georgia doesn’t jump into number one as we expect, it will be the margin Significantly closer. Alabama may still be number one, but the notable gap that existed in the pre-season has closed. From now on, every week is a referendum on who takes first place until one of the top three teams loses.

Most of the uncertainty is at the bottom of the rating as voters will try to locate number 6 Texas A&M and number 8 Notre Dame You should land after taking all of them big annoyance losses As double-digit candidates against the Appalachian State and Marshall in Week 2. Falling to an unranked team at home is a reason to drop out of the top 25 altogether after most weeks, but additional 12th-place losses FloridaNo. 17 PittsburghNo. 19 Wisconsin and number 25 Houston It made the arrangement more flexible.

Here’s what we think the new AP Top 25 poll will look like on Sunday.

1. Georgia (last week – 2): The Bulldogs have now outpaced their first two opponents 58-3 in the first half alone, racking up comfortable, deep wins against both Oregon and Samford. Georgia operates with ruthless efficiency, a level no one else in the country has consistently demonstrated so far this season.

2 – Alabama (1): Team Tide will probably hold the number one spot, and they’ll certainly get a fair amount of number one vote, but there are more pressing issues than whether the team is #1 or #2 in a given week this early. in season. The offense has to improve around Heisman Award-winning quarterback Bryce Young, and the team as a whole can’t take 15 penalties in a game the way they did against the Texas.

3. Ohio State (3): No changes from voters after winning 45-12 against Arkansas, but after a tough outing in the opening game against Notre Dame, the Buckeyes managed to stretch their legs a bit with four CJ Stroud touchdown passes – three to Marvin Harrison Jr. – Although both Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Julian Fleming have been sidelined with injuries.

4. Michigan (4): Wolverine rolled against Hawaii After the match, Jim Harbaugh named JJ McCarthy as the team’s primary quarterback.

5. Clemson (5): There will be no takeaway for the voters after the 35-12 win against them Foreman.

6. Oklahoma (7): Early intimidation against Kent State A tie after halftime as the Sooners defense led the way while offense found its footing in the 33-3 win.

7. USC (10): When will the Trojans play a team that can limit their offensive firepower? stanford He wasn’t up to the task as USC scored five touchdowns before the break and then sprinted to a 41-28 win on the road to open the Pac-12 game.

8. Oklahoma (11) Early on, it seemed Arizona He was going to add to the list of unranked teams to go on the road and take down a top team, but the Cowboys found their footing and withdrew in the second half to remain undefeated.

9. Michigan State (14): Some voters may not shine two back-to-back wins over the Mac, but a good 52-0 Saturday win against him. Akron bodes well for their fortunes before a road trip to Washington In Week 3. Given the losses that await them, the Spartans are ready to move upwards.

10. Arkansas (16): A hasty rushing attack and early drive helped the Razorbacks power their first SEC win of the season as they halted a second-half onslaught of South Carolina In a 44-30 win.

11. Kentucky (20): This Wildcats was able to do something Utah Can’t – go to the swamp in prime time and come out victorious in Hard-fought 26-16 win over the Gators. The win marked Kentucky’s second straight win over Florida (an event not since 1976-77) and the third such win in the last five meetings of the series. The Gators won 31 in a row before the last Cats increase.

12- Florida (12): A win over Utah now counts as a good ground in the AP Top 25 as long as Florida remains one losing team. Now the challenge for Billy Napier and the Gators will be to reposition after this loss and make sure they remain one losing team for as long as possible. Anthony Richardson had a disastrous outing after his outstanding first week performance.

13. BYU (21): That may be a bit high for the Cougars’ expectations, but that will only be the result of an additional double win against Baylor in the top 10 early Sunday morning for voters in May. The profile is solid, but the strength of this team is the reason to believe this fantastic campaign can continue, even with Oregon on board next week.

14. Utah (13): Win 73-7 blast against Southern Utah It would go a long way in turning the mood around the Utes after losing a tough road in Florida in the opening, but it wouldn’t change their standings in the rankings much.

15th. Miami, FL) (15th): It wasn’t too early – with some boos coming back alive in the second quarter – but the Hurricanes walked away late to win 30-7 against them. Miss South.

16. Tennessee (24): Dropping Pete in overtime made Tennessee State one of the notable risers at the bottom of the rankings. With the Volunteers not ranked in pre-season and just cracked in the top 25, there will likely be a cap on where they are relegated this week, but that ceiling will likely be close to where Pete was ranked in the game.

17. North Carolina (18): After scoring just three points and winning the ECU thanks to a number of hits missed, ACC Preseason of the Year player Devin Leary netted six touchdowns (four assists, two lunges) in a 55-3 victory against South Charleston.

18. Ole Miss (22): Things were a little tighter than some might expect Troybut the Ole Miss left no doubt about a dominant 59-3 victory Central Arkansas.

19. Wake Forest (23): Sam Hartman’s comeback brought a lot of offensive points in a 45-25 victory in Vanderbilt.

20. Pennsylvania state (NR): win 46-10 against Ohio The Nittany Lions will take their outside of the top 25 into their 20s and set up plenty of excitement for next week’s road trip to… Auburn.

21. Texas (NR): If Texas wasn’t very close to the top 25 in last week’s poll, the Longhorns are unlikely to lose and still rise in the rankings. However, last week’s rankings indicate that they are already a top 25 team in the eyes of many, and Saturday’s performance against Alabama indicates that they deserve that consideration.

22 – Oregon (NR): After slipping from 11th to out of the standings, he took a comfortable win against him East Washington It should attract the few extra voters the ducks need to get back into the top 25.

23. Baylor (9): The Bears are set to fall back in the standings after dropping in double overtime to BYUBut that defeat, especially on the road, isn’t enough to add Baylor to the list of ranked teams at risk of rebounding from the top 25.

24. Kansas State (NR): dominant win against Missouri It might draw more attention to the Wildcats 2-0, who showed up with enough votes last week to be in good shape for a top 25 breakout after beating an SEC opponent.

25 – Pittsburgh (17 years old): The Panthers will likely suffer the same fate as other seeded teams expected to withdraw from the rankings, but the overtime nature of the loss for a team likely to climb higher could keep them on enough ballots to stay near 24th or 25th.

Expected to drop out: No. 6 Texas A&M, No. 8 Notre Dame, No. 19 Wisconsin, No. 25 Houston

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