This is a Cavaliers column I didn’t expect to write a year ago, or even in the spring – Terry Pluto

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Talking to myself as the Cavaliers prepare for their season opener Wednesday:

Question: How many matches will the Cavs win this season?

Answer: I usually hate this question.

Q: Why?

A: When LeBron James was here, the number of regular season wins was almost meaningless. The Cavs needed enough to make it to the playoffs, then James & Co played for real. Even on LeBron’s first tour, the regular season was irrelevant a few years later.

s: And when James wasn’t here?

A: Expect them to win 25 games…or 28…or 32? who cares? They would have lost over 50. The regular season also had a poor feeling. Back then, it was all about pingpong lottery balls.

Q: But now?

A: The transformation designed by the front office of Kobe Altman and Mike Gancy along with coach JB Bickerstaff and his staff has been amazing. While the 2021-22 season ended with a dip, they finished 44-38. They were happy to watch. They were in the playoffs. They were young and motivated. I loved this team.

Q: What is your forecast for 2021-22?

a: He was from 32 to 50. I thought I was an optimist. At least that wasn’t the dumbest prediction I’ve ever made about the Cavs.

Q: What was that?

A: I do not say. very embarrassing.

Q: You are a juror.

A: Oh, boy. When James left for Miami in the summer of 2010, I expected it The team will finish 46-36 without him.

moon man

Cleveland Cavaliers’ Jamario Moon was the next attacking starter for the Cleveland Cavaliers following the departure of LeBron James in 2010.normal merchant

Q: With Jamario Moon he started as a junior striker after LeBron?

A: I was angry about the resolution being offered, etc. I lost my mind.

Q: Do you know what they did in the 2010-11 season?

A: They had a 19-63 record. They have lost a franchise record 26 in a row.

Q: What did you expect the second time James left, which would be for the 2018-19 season.

A: I’m taking the fifth, because that’s going to get me sort of a count.

s: It was your expectation…

A: Kevin Love is back. They had Larry Nance Jr., Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood, Tristan Thompson and everyone else from the 2018 team that lost in the finals.

Q: What was your expectation…

A: I thought They will be 36-46.

Q: And they were?

A: (in a whisper) 19-63.

Q: They were 19-63 in 2018-19 as they were in 2010-11 – both in the first seasons after LeBron left.

A: Is this a question?

Add game change

Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell poses for a photo during media day, September 26, 2022, at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.John Koontz,

Q: Just create your date. How many matches will this team win?

A: The Donovan Mitchell trade changed everything, at least in terms of increasing expectations. As an NBA executive told me, “Cleveland took a big swing in this trade, and I would have done the same. There are times when you know you give up a lot, but you do. You seize the moment.”

Q: Cleveland Trade Laurie Markkanen, Colin Sexton, Ochai Agbaji and unprotected first-round picks in 2025, 2027 and 2029 to Utah State for three-time All-Stars.

A: Top scorer with 28 points in the playoffs who has three years left on his contract. The more I thought about the deal and talked to NBA members from other teams, the more excited I got about it. While Mitchell wanted to be traded in New York, He just happened to be ready for it Embrace Cleveland.

Q: What about the court?

A: That was what was interesting. While watching the pre-season games, Darius Garland and Mitchell fused together faster than I thought. They still have a lot to do. But it is clear that they want to play together. Mitchell is a better passer, striker and defender than Colin Sexton. I mentioned it because some fans wrote to me to ask what is the difference between the two players? Mitchell is physically stronger.

Q: Prediction?

A: I like the way Bickerstaff distinguished Garland and Mitchell in the backcourt: “They play really well together because they understand how to play basketball…They are two smart people who shoot and they know how to pass the ball.”

Q: Still waiting…

A: Bikertsav also said: They are very dangerous, people (the opponents) should pay attention to them. People won’t want to leave them open, this will help everyone.”

Q: Will you give me the numbers?

A: This team must remain loyal to a defensive mentality. He has Garrett Allen and Evan Mobley, two 7-footers who can defend. Mobley is on the verge of stardom. The defense should be good, even if it’s not in the top five like last season.

Q: Really wait now...

A: Bickerstaff described the team as “a work in progress, and an interesting new dynamic.” This sounds like a plea for patience, and it is, to an extent. But the talent is real, even if Bickerstaff is right when he said, “We’re not a finished product.”

Q: Last chance…

A: The Cavs will finish 51-31 and win a playoff round. The last time the Cavs won no fewer than 50 games without James was 1992-1993, the last season with Lenny Wilkins as coach.

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