The ugly side of dyslexia

Newark, New JerseyAnd the October 11 2022 /PRNewswire/–October is International Dyslexia Month, and award-winning Amir Baraka, Emmy-nominated actor, author, and dyslexia advocate has released his latest book, “Anonymous: The ugly side of dyslexia. The book promotes early detection of learning difficulties in schools, awareness and support for prison populations in the country United State.

Anonymous: The ugly side of dyslexia It is a helpful read detailing the often traumatic experiences of illiterate children and adults. It is an inspiring story of determination, determination and perseverance. A must read for families and educators, and a convenient learning tool for literacy leaders everywhere.

Dr. Terry NolandAlly, vice president of Teachers for Learning Initiatives, wrote the book’s foreword: “When I read Amir’s story, I felt like I was sitting with the secret of what I should do as a parent, teacher, and literacy leader. I wanted to shake my fist in the air, telling everyone that we had failed collectively. Amir, and we can’t keep letting this happen to anyone else.”

As a poor child who grew up in New OrleansAmir unnecessarily suffered the consequences of illiteracy – inadequacy, feeling stupid, dropping out of school, juvenile detention, perversion and trial, mental health, drugs, and imprisonment. After being ridiculed at home and school, he was repeatedly told that he was lazy and unmotivated. Out of a sense of isolation and fear, Amir took to the streets and a life of crime. He didn’t know he had dyslexia until the age of 23 in the state prison system.

Dyslexia is a learning disability based on language and neuroscience in origin, characterized by difficulties in accurately and/or fluently word recognition, and poor spelling and decoding. In the United States, approximately 43 million people have dyslexia, including an estimated 20% of students in school or one in five. Many students, like Amir, go undiagnosed.

Dyslexia runs in families and occurs in people of all intellectual backgrounds and levels. People with dyslexia may struggle with comprehension, organizational skills, planning, setting priorities, and maintaining time and focus. With appropriate, evidence-based education based on the science of reading, students with dyslexia can learn successfully.

In 2016, Amir Baraka testified about his first-hand experience with dyslexia at a US Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing on dyslexia chaired by Senator Bill Cassidy. Thus, in 2018, Senator Cassidy’s ruling requiring inmates to be screened for dyslexia was included in the latest version of the First Step Act.

In 2021, Amir partnered with Learning Ally, a national non-profit education solutions provider, working with more than 450,000 teachers to improve literacy and equity for disadvantaged students struggling with reading in pre-K through 12th grade. He highlighted Learning Ally’s annual virtual conference on dyslexia, where educators and parents can learn about the latest research on brain-based learning, and effective teaching practices.

The dyslexic actor and activist continues to lead the mission in solving the literacy crisis in America’s schools and prison systems. His message to young people: “You can overcome meager beginnings and learn to thrive academically through early diagnosis, understanding parents, teachers trained in the science of reading, strong faith, and the pursuit of a quality education.”

Amir Baraka will play the lead role Tyler Perry Zatima, the #1 comedy/drama on BET.

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