The trailer for Whitney Houston’s ‘I Want To Dance With Someone’ splits the internet

New biography about Legendary Whitney Houston She dropped her first official teaser trailer, and the internet appears to be split over his reaction.

.’s first trailer I wanna Dance With Somebody, Biographical drama about the life and career of the singer and actor Released on Thursday by Sony Pictures, to give the world a first look at British actress Naomi Aki’s portrayal of vocal power.

The autobiography will detail Houston’s rise to fame and her acting debut when she starred alongside Kevin Costner in the 1992 romantic drama, Bodyguard, Sony Pictures has described it as “a no-holds-barred image of the complex and multifaceted woman behind The Voice.”

The film also stars Ashton Sanders, Stanley Tucci, Tamara Tony and Clark Peters, which is from the work of bohemian rhapsody Screenwriter Anthony McCarten and director Cassie Lemons.

The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 21, 2022.

a poster
Here, the poster for the upcoming movie “I Want To Dance With Someone”. The trailer for Whitney Houston’s new bio was released Thursday and the internet split over the project.
Sony Pictures

The trailer comes with wildly varied reactions from online viewers, with some rejoicing at the thrill of the film and criticizing it. Most of the early portrayals of the film were positive, and praise was already pouring in for Ackie, who was entrusted with the daunting task of embodying the voice of Jill.

Someone said, “Now that’s a Whitney biography.” Twitter user. “The actress takes it.”

“That Whitney Houston’s biography sounds extraordinary,” post Wrote.

Another tweeted: “I’m so excited for this!!! I love a good biopic and I’ve been waiting for Whitney. So happy the team Bohemian Rhapsody is behind this.”

Others were hesitant or critical. “That doesn’t sound bad, but another Whitney Houston biography?” One user said.

Several films have been made about Houston’s life and death, such as The singer struggled with drug addiction He died at the age of 48 in 2012 from drowning in a Beverly Hills hotel bathtub.

Another Twitter user showed his doubts about the bio, say“Some people are so much more special that their essence can never be discovered in an autobiography. Whitney Houston is one. What needs to be done is a true documentary series that doesn’t just focus on her addiction with shows/unpublished footage of her telling her own story.”

He wrote “This actually makes me sad” else. “I really think Whitney deserved a brilliant biopic. Huge movie. Like Ray. What love has done to him. Epic. It just doesn’t feel like that for me. She deserved more.”

Other fans showed a dislike of the film because of its producer: Pat Houston, the singer’s sister-in-law on behalf of the Houston State, and music director Clive Davis, who was played in the film by Tucci.

1 user “Who’s responsible for this Whitney Houston biography? If Pat Houston was involved, I wouldn’t watch it. I’m sorry but I can’t” Wrote. “The way you took over Whitney was distasteful to me.”

Houston’s property has been criticized by fans The launch of the Whitney Houston hologram tour In 2019, a project that many considered immoral.

“I hope no one brings this up. The same industry that drove Whitney Houston to soar and profit is now trying to capitalize on her death. Let it rest, you can’t control it anymore,” a Twitter user Wrote in time.

NEWSWEEK I reached out to Sony Pictures for comment.

Updated 09/15/2022 4:20 PM ET: This story has been updated with a verified video.

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