The race for the AL Central title: Guardians and White Sox are about to battle; Left the twins to lick their wounds

The guardians driving the white socks Four games in the Central American League ahead of Tuesday’s series opener in Chicago. The twins Face the White Sox six more times but you’ll be back seven games after losing four of five at Cleveland. the athleteThe book discusses each team’s victory for the division crown with two weeks remaining in the season.

Zach Meisel (Guards writer): Well, here we are. A series likely to determine the fate of AL Central.

And… wait a minute, what is twins writer Dan Hayes doing here?

The Guardians took care of the twins during their grueling five-game series. Minnesota now needs a miracle to hang around until the end of this race. I think Dan can comment on that.

But, James, set the scene for us as the Guardians and the White Sox prepare for a three-match duel with important fallout. The central battle for supremacy. Francona Larsa / Cairo / That fan is sitting behind the home plate cup. Someone has to win this thing. Will we get close to the answer in the next few days?

James Fegan (Prisoner of the Moment/White Sox writer): The Guardians can definitely take the ballpark that is the AL Central race, and ride it over the railroad tracks this week in Chicago. Winning one game gives them the tiebreaker of the season’s series, and puts their season-ending responsibilities on “not breaking,” extending the season’s end by six home games against the team. Royals. Winning this streak changes their responsibilities to “not getting too drunk and slipping on a tarp during club celebration”. The Guardians’ sweep may just be kind of rude, and includes plenty of “Stop, he’s already dead” GIFs from “The Simpsons” that are posted in hellscape flags to the beleaguered White Sox Twitter account.

A White Sox sweep is really the only scenario that gives us a furious race to the finish we follow, which truly defies the typical baseball motto “Take it one game at a time.”

Sox player AJ Bullock He did his best on Sunday to stick to the script: “We have to win the first, then we have to win the second and then after that, we have to win the third.”

You found the idea.

I hope I don’t offend anyone, but the 2022 Cleveland Guardians aren’t the best team ever built. But it seems designed in the lab to spoil this White Sox collection. Their team’s stubborn speed and aggressiveness on base lanes seemed conjured to stick a finger in the eye of the icy White Sox defense. Their contact-oriented approach frustrates the Sox promotional staff who are pretty much trying to blow you away. Adapting to and conquering this style of baseball would be a kind of redemption from the flaws and mistakes that defined most of the White Sox season.

“They play baseball well; I think we play baseball well now,” Andrew Fon He said. “They will play the same thing they have always played. They throw well, they can swing the racket. We just have to do these things better.”

They are aware of this. It’s weird to hear baseball players talk about seeking “revenge” by going from #1 to #3 in one, but that’s what made Guardian Attack feel to the white player.

Amed Rosario hits home against the Minnesota Twins on Monday. (Ken Blaise/USA Today)

Dan Hayes (writer of the twins): Zack, I’ll never leave.

I’ll stay here to constantly bother you with the reminders that I’ll be on vacation starting in two weeks and you won’t. I’m going to send postcards from some weird places while one of you is freezing in an interval workout and the other is explaining how it all fell apart. And when one of you has to be in the ballpark horribly early or horribly late because the TV will inevitably ruin that division due to poor ratings, I’ll text you afterwards to talk about how the spa dunks margaritas in salt perfectly.

I haven’t even picked where to go yet because money is nothing. Even though I only charge $2 per session, I have already paid $25,000 to my twins fans who mumble something about bad bulls and compare Emilio BaganFight against Cleveland (has 9.90 ERA in 10 runs) to legendary Ron Davis.

In 16 seasons covering baseball, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Except for the previous weekend in Minneapolis, the Twins largely held the innings from one to six against the Cleveland. Then the guards usually get up, go back and flood the twins’ fold. It doesn’t matter what the diluent is, they all struggled at least once.

Even with all the injuries, and there’s too much to count, the twins would have locked the division if the bulls were perfect. While it’s unfair to ask for perfection – especially when you have a team like The Guardians that can spoil pitches to death, and the Twins’ offensive issues have led to their failure – the possibility is there and the Twins haven’t taken advantage.

Which means I have a head start on writing the team’s obituary, although we all agree that both of you will be joining me soon.

Vegan: Death, taxes and post-game beer with Hayes.

Hayes: and movie related GIFs. Don’t forget the movie GIFs.

Meisel: It’s very confusing that this division belongs to Cleveland – to me, to you guys, to all but the 28 players on the roster and a coach or two. It’s not like their front office added some free agents in March or swung some deals in July to download to chase the supplement. Everyone has asked if the Guardian’s brave attack style is sustainable, but I can’t answer it any other way than ignoring the exaggeration and pointing at the field as they hit the baseball and run around the bases like nurserymen screaming. A hunk of Pixy Stix.

Their pitching fueled that late-season charge to the top. Shane PepperAnd the Triston Mackenzie And the Cal Quantrell They chew turns and close hitters. (The White Sox will see the first two this week) Rocco Baldelli Head & Shoulders Challengeexceptionally similar to twins.

It was a refreshing baseball brand to watch. That’s unless you’re a fan of the team they’re playing for. I don’t know if they will keep the same identity next year or after. There may be some changes in the personnel that affect this. But I know this: 2022 was the year of Chicago or Minnesota or someone To take advantage of Cleveland youth.

Hayes: Can this young man hold out for another two weeks? I’m impressed with Cleveland since their eight games with the Twins in June. The start is good, the bull is great and the lineup is fun. Jose Ramirez receiving any kind of support makes it interesting to watch.

Kansas City’s buffer in the last six games is absurdly lucky. But young teams always seem prone to riding an emotional rollercoaster — playing red-hot, then calming down and turning into a shell for themselves.

We saw it on September 9 at Target Field. Cleveland took the big lead early on and then made several unusual mistakes. After the budding romance between board referee Ted Barrett and James Karenshak (sorry, Ted), the bowler made his first home of the season and took on his brilliance. Emmanuel Class to save them. Do you think they can get through next week without another downturn?

Meisel: This is where manager Terry Francona helps. I’m with you, I’m still waiting for the inexperienced to raise its head. But the Guardians have bounced back from every dip this season, whether it’s to avoid a panic button while running late innings — as you watched as Nausea, Dan — or recovering after a grueling streak. Francona and his crew have always been good at keeping players balanced. There are some “light 2016” sentiments with this group in this regard.

It doesn’t always have to make sense, especially with a young group. I don’t want to reveal too much about the future Stephen Kwan Advantage, but he often thinks of a line from a book he’s read that suggests humans are bad at predicting the future. The line did not say that it is especially true for those who follow Major League Baseballbut it should be.

Nobody believes Kwan O Oscar Gonzalez They will thrive the way they have. Nobody expects Trevor Stefan To evolve into a steady preparation man. No one would have imagined Andres JimenezA name will appear on the bottom of AL MVP voters’ ballot papers. So maybe the Guardians were destined to win that score, and we shouldn’t have spent the last month or two in so much doubt.

Eloy Jiménez has been a catalyst for the White Sox recently. (Kamel Krzaczynski/USA Today)

Vegan: Perhaps it should at least be admitted that the reason we talk about this series with any anticipation is that the White Sox kind of figured out what kind of baseball they were supposed to play all year round: hit the shit out of baseball to the point that nothing else matters.

They’ve achieved .274/.327/.460 in 19 games under acting CEO Miguel Cairo, or simply knocked out coach Tony La Russa’s concept of an offensive approach, striking 31 times on home soil. fully functional Eloy Jimenez Completely out of place with the Guardians’ baseball style, it’s also an offensive weapon beyond anything else promoted in the division.

imagine Byron Buxton If he can’t run… well, but if he’s also not trying to run… but everyone’s also fine because he’s not running because it’s not his goal to run. Jimenez holds this team and has led what should be a good fight between offensive firepower and the basics of baseball you know.

Also, I don’t have a logical section for that, but Lance Lin He succeeded in adding a sweeping slider and is now effective against the left.

Hayes: Well, Lane and everyone else in those last six meetings with the twins (September 27-29 in Minneapolis; Oct 3-5 in Chicago) are going to have to do some serious game-plan research. Not sure who would wear the Twins uniform for that series other than that Carlos CorreaAnd the Louis ArazAnd the Nick Gordon And the Jose Miranda.

After I drop twins four out of five in Cleveland, I’ll test Kwan’s theory on predictions. I highly doubt Buxton, Jorge Polanco or Max Kepler It’s back this season. They all deal with hip and knee injuries. We may still see Trevor Larnach And the Ryan Jeffers. But the past four days must have reduced the twins’ urgency to pay their injured companions. This may cause more wrinkles to appear in the last two weeks.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the work in the next few weeks. I’m going to the beach.

(Top photo by AMD Rosario and Sebi Zavala: David Banks/USA Today)

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