The Paralympic Games 2024 in Paris will not open in the stadium

PARIS (AFP) – The world’s best Paralympic athletes roam France’s most famous street with their prosthetics, wheelchairs and tales of adversity, heading to a grand celebration of their prowess and sports at the Place de Paris where French revolutionaries were beheaded in 1789.

Paris organizers announced, Thursday, plans for the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games, an event involving 4,400 athletes that will follow the first Olympics after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in less than two years.

The place that attracts attention is the venue itself: at first, the opening parade of the Paralympics will be freed from the traditional stadium atmosphere and instead will take place in the open in the heart of the French capital, on the Champs-Elysées and the city’s largest square, Place de la Concorde.

The blood-soaked arena where King Louis XVI, his queen Marie Antoinette and other nobles were murdered during the French Revolution that laid the first foundations of modern France, is posing as the eye-catching focal point of the Paris Games.

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