‘The Masked Singer’ mummies are TV brothers and ‘TV property’

It was a very Brady episode of masked singer On Wednesday, when it was revealed three members of TV Kings dressed as King Tut are Barry Williams, Christopher Knight and Mike Lockenland – also known as Greg, Peter and Bobby Brady.

It was more of a hunch to me—I guessed these on the spot (as Judge Nicole Scherzinger did), even if Christopher/Peter’s voice hadn’t broken once, and though decades had passed since the male half of the Brady family six sang together in public places. Their song selection, the theme from the Monkees TV show, was the best timidn/Monkees Television crossover since Davy Jones surprised Marcia Brady in 1971 and sang “Girl” in one flawless take. And these mummy costumes fit them like Johnny Bravo suits—although it was a real missed opportunity because they weren’t dressed like Hawaiian texas, or like ham and cans of applesauce.

But while the Mummies/Bradys made the world a little brighter in a short period of time masked singer Run, it ended up not a sunny day for the trio, as they were the first contestants to be cut during Wednesday’s double elimination ring. I really think this was a bad call, and I really wish they were able to keep going, keep going, keep going, keep dancing all night. Their impressive performance certainly deserved at least a silver platter of second place… but they lost to Harp and Fortune Teller.

But at least we got to see the Brady three perform one last time, performing their classic on the small screen “Sunshine Day,” which actually made everyone smile. And of course, the TV brothers with sportsmanship accepted their defeat with the kind of grace and class that would have made Carol and Mike Brady proud, with Mike Lukenland telling the judges, “Now masked singer Our family and ours are forever blended in.” Judge Ken Jeong who was visibly moved, declared, “Honestly, this might be the case. The purest moment masked singerJust to watch Brady Bunch here live! “

Yes, it was a very special episode of masked singer Overall, because it was TV theme night, so there were many other touching moments that evoke sweet nostalgia for the golden age of TV. For example, Judge Robin Thicke opened the show by relating the topic to a comedy stage by his late father Alan Thicke growing pains, While his mother, TV songwriter Gloria Loring, was broadcasting in the audience. And the golden girl in season 8 so far, the reigning queen harp, actually sang golden girls Theme “Thank you for being a friend.”

But it was probably the purest moment ever when Harp and the Fortune Teller sang a song Full house Theme “everywhere you look” during Full house Actress Jodi Sweetin also sat in the crowd. Kane got really suffocated because he praised him Full house Patriarch Bob Saget, who died shortly after the competition masked singer Fourth season. “Watching you sing that and you see Jodi…Somewhere upstairs, our Squiggly Monster friend, Bob Saget, is smiling. That’s what TV is all about — it unites us,” declared a tearful Ken.

But, having said that, the judges still have to send another contestant home. after the ukulele golden girls Greetings and fun Jefferson A themed performance by Fortune Teller (who looks a lot like another TV icon, Jambi from Paul Wee Theater)And the Followed by the above Full house Battle Royale, it’s time for the ultimate loser in that battle, the fortune teller, to remove his cap.

The Fortune Teller turns out to be a man who has amassed a fortune, the founder of FUBU and shark tank Investor Diamond John – who admitted it in another amazing emotional moment Jefferson It inspired him as a child to become a businessman. “When he was a guy growing up, and I’m a person of color, I couldn’t see people who looked like me on TV and had nothing to do with music or sports,” he said. “But being a short guy and moving to the East Side of New York, George Jefferson made me want to be a shark.”

This means that for the third consecutive episode, Harp—”the hot favorite of the season,” according to Kane—was the last mask standing. And for the third episode in a row, I’m going to guess it’s a TV star who is the same: cheerfulAmber Riley.

Combined with her powerful, almost instantly recognizable vocalizations, all of Harp’s clues led to Amber’s alert. She described herself as “an idol for anyone who feels weird”, who has been on the brand with cheerful spirit. She introduced herself with “I’m telling you”, and Amber was there dream girls. We saw witch hat, and Amber played the good witch of the north on NBC Wiz led in villain at party. We saw 3D glasses, a possible reference to the concert movie Cheer up in 3D. Reportedly winning awards in acting, singing, and comedy – a recent honor she shared with her best friends – Amber won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Actress in a Musical, the Evening Standard Theater Award for Best Musical Performance, and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in Comedy series (for cheerful, naturally). She stated that as a teenager she auditioned for “The World’s Biggest Show” but “didn’t fit the mold and was rejected”, and Amber didn’t pass I tried for American Idol at the age of 17. She revealed that she worked with Nicole, who co-starred with Amber in the short film Straight Outta Oz With Season 6 runner-up Todrick “The Bull” Hall. This week, we got an idea of ​​Christmas too – probably referring to Amber’s two TV holiday movies, Christmas deja vu And the One wish for Christmas.

So, now the brave Harp is heading to the semi-finals. But can it be eventually defeated and eliminated? We’ll find out soon. But first, come back next week for a new slice, with three new mystery celebrities – future cast members include Avocado, Beetle, Pride, Gopher, Lamps, Maze, Mermaid, Milkshake, Robo Girl, Scarecrow, Sir Bogg a Boo Snowstorm, Venus Fly Trap and Walrus – Compete to be the new King or Queen of Season 8.

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