The latest twist in the Northeast “blast” case

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The case of a package “explosion” reported Tuesday night at Northeastern University took an unexpected turn. Here’s the latest news from the investigation, the evolution of the situation on Martha’s Vineyard and much more in our lively morning newsletter:

Associated Press I mentioned Wednesday Investigators are now considering the possibility that a Northeastern employee who reported the blast and was taken to hospital with minor hand injuries may have actually organized the accident. Officials reportedly said they found inconsistencies in the employee’s statements and that his injuries did not match those normally consistent with the blast.

However, the employee – The Boston Globe identified her as 45-year-old Jason Doehme He denies it was a hoax and asserts that he was the victim of a “shocking” criminal act.

Other details leaked on Wednesday: CNN Reports Officials found no evidence of explosives in the hard plastic.swan style“The case the employee said went off. Instead, the case contained a lengthy memo against virtual reality and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, according to the Associated Press.

Northeastern and other local universities are increasing their security in the wake of the event. But after it was brought to the attention of investigators, Northeastern also issued a statement on Wednesday confirming The campus is “safe and secure”.

Meanwhile, on Martha’s Vineyardlocal officials scrambling to accommodate about 50 migrants who were disembarked without warning on the island by plane chartered by the Florida administration, Ron DeSantis, as part of an expanded Republican effort to move immigrants from the border to liberal societies with “sanctuary citypolicies. Republican governors in Texas and Arizona have Likewise they sent charter buses full of immigrants and refugees To New York City and Washington, D.C.

Several immigrants at Martha’s Vineyard told NPR that they crossed the border in Texas and were staying at a shelter in San Antonio — lured by a woman serving food and promising urgent work papers in Boston. Many were reportedly confused as to where they had been taken.

Local officials say they have provided the migrants with food, shelter, interpreters and other support. At the same time, they expressed their anger at DeSantis for using people as political pawns. Rep. Dylan Fernandez, who was Tweet Updates from the island.

Get ready to see the increase on your monthly health insurance bill next year if you got your coverage through the Massachusetts Health Connector. Officials Agree to a premium increase Averaged around 8% for 2023 – although the increase may exceed 11% for some.

Insurance companies blame high provider and pharmacy costs for the rise. However, some Health Connector board members are concerned that this will prompt some to forgo their insurance.

Massachusetts officials I used everything from Dunkin’ for free to me Six flags pass to me $25 Gift Cards for Grocery Urging people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. But as the new school year begins and the fall season approaches, Boston is upping its ante. The City Public Health Commission is offering $75 Visa gift cards to anyone who gets a COVID vaccine or booster in Back to school clinic this saturday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Franklin Park White Stadium.

The four-hour clinic will provide children’s vaccinations for those as young as 6 months old, as well as free food and backpacks for students. But a BPHC official confirmed that the $75 gift cards would be available to “everyone,” regardless of their age. Not a bad deal if you are over 12 years old and are planning to get it new omicron booster soon anyway.

Speaking of COVID, Massachusetts officials now have the power to ban visitors to nursing homes faster in the event of future outbreaks. In light of the pandemic policy On Wednesday by the state public health boardthe Commissioner of Public Health will have the authority to unilaterally restrict admissions to facilities dealing with outbreaks or gatherings.

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