The best science fiction films about artificial intelligence, from The Matrix to the ex-Machina

While we patiently await the impending acquisition of AI, we’ve compiled a list of movies that tackle AI in a variety of ways that are funny, scary, and clever. AI fans will not be disappointed – from Spielbergian’s Journeys Swinging PinocchioFor killer girlfriends with integrated robot parts, to layered simulations of reality, to wise-cracking prototypes in the shape of locusts, and beautifully manipulative androids, these are the best sci-fi movies about artificial intelligence.

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Friend Killer (1986)

Wes Craven killer friend (Based on Friend by Diana Henstel) It was something of a departure from the supernatural fare in the sci-fi/killer robot territory. Bright Ball (Matthew Laporto) He’s something of a robotics genius who loves to show off his BB robot. He is in love with the girl next door, Samantha (Kristi Swanson). When the miserable neighbor Elvira grumbled (Ann Ramsey) destroys BB and kills Samantha at the hands of her alcoholic father, and Paul turns to his robotics expertise. He revives Samantha by integrating BP’s consciousness into her. Samantha / BB begins to take revenge on the bullies in the neighborhood and causes chaos.

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When killer friend First released, the 80s horror market was saturated with masked maniacs like Friday 13Lovecraftian throwback like from behindand horrific nature films such as kojoAnd the Food of the Gods Part 2And the slugsSo a movie that explores how artificial intelligence is affecting suburban society was an interesting change of pace for the genre. The movie may be scary, very exciting, and varying in degree, but the central relationship between Paul and Samantha is really sweet. The AI ​​subplot would probably be a lot more if Craven were given the freedom to make the movie he wanted, and there are some scary moments all the time. killer friend makes the list for who – which The basketball scene alone, if nothing else.

Short circuit (1986)

John Badhamcult favorite closed circuit Introduce one of the most dangerous cyborgs to ever grace the silver screen. One of the many prototypes developed by the US Army – Johnny Fife (Tim BlaneyLightning strikes him, giving him a winning figure and a bit of a feel. He escapes in a truck and climbs with it Chidi’s ally‘s Animal lover Stephanie Speck. Stephanie keeps it out of sight until designer Newton Crosby (Steve Guttenberg) comes looking for his robot. He was shocked by the new sensation of Johnny 5. However, the army wants their possessions back and is ready to send other, more sinister prototypes – confirmed by their glowing killer red eyes.

The most interesting aspect of closed circuit This is how the US government is preparing to monopolize this technology for military purposes. They examine Johnny Fife’s heightened consciousness and morals when he mimics a grasshopper and inadvertently kills him. The robot is terrified because it has “disassembled” a conscious being, and this is one of its first lessons in respect for the whole of life. It also helps if the robot is hilarious.

Ex Machina (2014)

Alex Garland Oscar-winning directorial debut ex machine It is a recent novel by Shakespeare the storm with artificial intelligence. Unsurprisingly, it’s a movie that has a lot in mind – the expansion of consciousness, human autonomy and artificial intelligence, as well as biblical and literary connotations. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and science veers amazingly from it Domhnal GleesonCaleb the programmer got wet behind the ears when he was carried away to a top-secret lair. Caleb participates in the sessions with a beautiful Android named Ava (Alicia Vikander) to check if she’s thinking like a human being while noticing CEO Nathan (Oscar Isaac) who hates women. Caleb begins to fall in love with Ava and believes that she reciprocates his feelings. But AI has much more nefarious plans.

Using AI to explore gender wars and women’s autonomy (or lack thereof) is a great introduction. Ava is stripped of her freedom and privacy and must contend, on a daily basis, with the reality of male ownership and invasive psychological tactics to determine if she can think for herself. Ava is a new life form and therefore has no rights or at least that seems to be the consensus among the surrounding male characters. Ava understands how to appeal to male chauvinism by giving the men around her exactly what they expect of her, and she guarantees her freedom. ex machine He takes us into the Heart of Darkness for a blackened examination of the consequences of transhumanism.

promotion (2018)

Lee and Anil A very violent futuristic movie Raising the level of Pay tribute to the action-oriented films of the 80s centered on robots. Gray auto mechanicLogan Marshall Green(He is deeply in love with his wife Asha)Melanie Vallejo), which operates Cobolt, a legal entity specializing in electronic augmentations. After a mysterious ambush, Gray is left in a wheelchair, and Asha is killed. But all is not lost – Cobolt offers him a promotion, and he becomes a emaciated, mean, revenge-motivated machine. Of course there is conspiracy, betrayal, and lots and lots of violence. Lots. Raising the level of It is just a pulp of fiction with exaggerated science fiction wholesale lift of Robocop. not criticism, Raising the level of He does something innovative with metaphor. Human augmentation is a staple of sci-fi storytelling, so Whannel’s innovative approach to this general story device is welcome.

Artificial Intelligence for Artificial Intelligence (2001)

complacency on Pinocchio Steven Spielberg artificial intelligence AI It is epic and sublime on a large scale. The heart-wrenching science fiction story revolves around David (Haley Joel Osment), Mecha (or android) is able to activate a fingerprint that enables it to experience human emotions. Monica (Francis O’Connor) and henry (Sam Robards) took artificial intelligence after their son was diagnosed with a degenerative condition. All goes well until Monica and Henry’s son returns and starts creating problems for the AI. What follows is a funky hero’s journey with David who believes that if he locates The Blue Fairy, she might be able to turn him into a real boy. AI He takes his cues from Pinocchio and the intractable odds faced by the classic character to survive and one day become something more of himself. The message of this modern novel may seem cliched and outdated to more stuttering viewers, but it is conveyed in a thought-provoking manner, integrating identity and self-belief into an imaginative plot.

The Matrix (1999)

Is that deja vu you are suffering? Apparently, it’s a delay in circuit processing information, or perhaps just a glimpse into the truth of the underlying mechanism. In other words…a bug in the matrix. Wachowski The first movie in the franchise was released in 1999 and is one of the most influential of all time. Imagine if Skynet had won the war against humanity and instead of killing us all, decided to let us exist in a simulation, now add a mood Keanu Reevesmartial arts-inspired fight sequences, which is scary Laurence FishburnePlenty of leather, stylish raincoats, and some industrial strength pomade. the matrix It has a complex and intricate narrative structure with extensive (still) developing myths. It poses big philosophical questions about reality, identity, and human endurance, all wrapped in huge packages.

Terminator (1984)

Who wouldn’t be flattered then Michel Bin Time travel for you? in James Cameron‘s position or terminationthe humble waitress Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) It’s about to be a bad day. Send the world’s dominant AI (Skynet) from the future Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s The Terminator returns to eliminate her before her son – the leader of the Resistance to the Machines – is born. the majority position or termination It’s an intense chase thriller with Biehn’s resistance fighter, Kyle Reese, and Connor barely outsmarting the Terminator’s brutal killing machine that’s seemingly unstoppable at every turn. It’s also a good romance with Reese and Connor having instant chemistry and his innocent look that inspires more than a little sympathy. Schwarzenegger is a discovery as a cold-blooded stoic killing machine that relentlessly pursues the duo, destroying anything or anyone that gets in its way.

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