The best fall 2022 TV shows about food

At any given moment of any day, you can find a cable show that includes a chef-cook talking through a dinner recipe, a streaming contest featuring bakers frantically trying to create a cupcake tower, or a documentary series with painfully slow pans. plate surface. All this to say, we don’t necessarily need more food TV, but we’ll be adding these 10 shows to our streaming queues.

Chef’s Table: Pizza

Netflix, September 7

Chef’s tableThe ornate documentary series that provided full-length cinematography, The Thing in food TV as we now know it, has in recent years become more specific, devoting entire seasons to barbecue, pastry and France. The final season focuses on pizza, with six distinct types of pizza, including American pizza legend Chris Bianco, Rome’s Al Taglio pizza pioneer Gabriel Ponce, and James Beard Award-winning Anne Kim of Minneapolis Young Johnny. Expect tons of wood burning and fodder, plus lots of talk about dough and flour.

Little Chef Show

Nickelodeon, September 9

Stop-motion animated videos featuring Tiny Chef became an Instagram sensation in 2018 by combining two things: a cuddly, slightly wrapped, huggable personality with a surprisingly funny voice. Children’s books and other retail opportunities have followed, and now Tiny Chef creator Rachel Larson is introducing the character to Nickelodeon for a show that teaches kids about plant-based eating. Tiny Chef displays ingredients in his adorable mini kitchen, cooks veggie recipes, and interacts with guest stars like Tabitha Brown, Kristen Bell, and RZA.

The Great British Bread Show; Also holiday edition

Netflix, September 13 in the UK

some The Great British Bread ShowHer initial magic Admittedly, she’s been wearing it latelywhere new hosts and challenging challenges threaten to disrupt what is made bread show very great. However, there is still no cooking show featuring a date like GBBO: YOU DON’T SEE top chef Cause worldwide meltdowns over the course of weeks the subject of questionable or horror David Bowie cakes. Paul Hollywood and Pro Leith They are back as judges; The premiere of a separate small holiday-themed season will be in early December.

The best in dough

Hulu, September 19

Baking contests have captured every streaming service, challenging home bakers to make cakes, cupcakes, multi-tiered cakes, shaped cakes that aren’t cakes, cakes in game ovens (see below), you name it. But delicious baked goods are less prominent, and The best in dough The road opens up in this area by focusing exclusively on pizza. Each episode features a different pizza challenge and a cash prize of $10,000 for the winner; Los Angeles chef Daniele Odetti (from Besana) serves as chief judge. (The best in dough Produced by Vox Media Studios, part of Eater’s parent company, Vox Media. None of Eater employees are involved in the production of the show, and this does not affect coverage on Eater.)

Bob Burger

Fox, September 25

After the successful debut of their first-ever movie this summer, the animated Belcher family returns for their thirteenth season of running a tough burger restaurant in an unnamed New England seaside town. Bob The amenities are now familiar: at its core, it’s an honest family comedy where every character—from the youngest rule-breaking kid Louise (voiced by Kristen Schaal) to anxious, one-thread-bound business owner Bob (H. John Benjamin)—don’t just freak out. It’s funny, too.

Easy Baking Battle

Netflix, October 12

Queer EyeMillennium Food Resident Anthony Borowski hosts a cooking contest where bakers’ main tool is essentially a plastic box surrounding a light bulb: an easy-to-make oven. Gimmicky, yes, but the Easy-Bake oven is also somewhat of an air fryer when staring at, and these kinds of constraints can provide a way to showcase the most creative or clever of chefs. her rings sectionSimilar to the preparation with three “temperatures” that challenge competitors to bring out “quick, easy, and taste” in their recipes. Supposedly, a small plastic spoon is not included.

from scratch

Netflix, October 22

In 2012, the husband of actress Tempe Luke, Sicilian chef Saro Jolo, died of cancer. locke diary 2019, From Zero: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home, removes her grief and the resulting uncertainty by recounting their adventures, which were initially complicated by the fact that the Sicilian Gulu family did not approve of her as a black woman. But Luke writes how this relationship has softened during several visits to the Italian countryside, often influenced by her own love of the region’s culinary traditions and the cooking of her in-laws. Now, the book is receiving a brief treatment with Zoe Saldana starring Luke; It’s safe to expect plenty of sweeping scenery shots and attractive caponata panels combined with all the feel.

drink masters

Netflix, October 28

top chef But for drinks? surely! If photographing people mixing varying amounts of liquids together sounds like watching paint dry, the Canadian team behind the excellent glassblowing competition Blown He’s also behind this production, so there’s some real hope here. (If your interests extend beyond the cocktails themselves to the bowls they are poured into, give it a try Blown an hour too.)

Martha Cox

Rocco, November 16

hot from opening Her first ever restaurantMartha Stewart is back in the comforts of (streaming) TV with her show Martha Cox, which promises star-studded guests and chefs who stop by Stewart’s Bedford, New York, manor. accompanying offers, Martha Holidays And the Martha Gardenswill premiere this fall, with the latter apparently documenting an entire calendar year on Stewart’s 153-acre farm.

Welcome to Chippendales

Hulu, November 22

Based on the attractive podcast Welcome to your imagination (Seriously, listen to him), Welcome to Chippendales It tells the uncompromising, dramatic story of everyone’s favorite nightclub (no respect for thunder from under boys). This dramatic cast stars Kumail Nanjiani as Sumen “Steve” Banerjee, founder of Chippendales, whose appetite for success and power fueled the growth of his club empire while down some dangerously dark paths. We wish we could see scenes from the ’80s extra to lighten the tone: still early Juliette Lewis with a Martini is the energy we all need.

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