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Woman stretching in a pigeon position.
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When your legs feel heavy, sore and somewhat tired, stretching can be very beneficial. Some of the best leg stretches work each muscle individually so that you can really get deep into those fibers and reap the most benefits.

Although it is easy to perform, it does require time, patience and possibly some uncomfortable sensations from time to time. So take your time, do not rush your movements, focus on your breath, and try to relax as much as possible.

Passive stretching helps Reduce muscle stiffness It promotes breakdown of the lactic acid that builds up after strenuous exercise or standing on your feet all day. Here are six great exercises that you can basically do anywhere, anytime.

legs on the wall

One of the best ways to improve blood flow, stimulate the lymphatic system, and help break down lactic acid is by placing your legs in an inverted position. Since this is supposed to be comfortable and easy to hold for at least five minutes, legs against the wall are probably the best leg stretching exercise you can do.

start with lay mat Next to the wall, the edges touch the sturdy surface. Lie on your back and try to rock your legs as close to the wall as possible, so that your butt muscles touch the surface. Relax your feet and occupy this position. You can read a book, scroll through social media, or do anything that makes you forget the time.

Stay here for at least five minutes and feel the blood rushing from your legs back toward your heart and the lightness you start to feel from your feet to your hips. This is also a great exercise for your lower back because it is flat on the floor, which relaxes the muscles around it.

If you feel this is too intense for you, you can raise your legs on a chair and relax your legs. This will give you the same benefits but make the leg stretching exercise a little easier.

Sitting wide forward

Lay your rug against the wall and sit on the floor so that your back is against the wall. Spread your legs wide and place your palms on the floor in front of you. Take a big inhale and push your hands to the floor while stretching your spine.

Exhale and walk gently with your hands. Take another inhale, extending your spine; Exhale and walk a little bit. Repeat this movement until your back begins to bend, then stop where you are, relax your torso and relax your head. Stay here for at least two minutes, gently rocking side to side or staying still. On your way out of this position, slowly walk your hands back to the starting position, bending your knees, and bringing them close to your chest.

low dash

Come into a runner’s lunge on your right leg and lower your left knee onto your mat. Take a big inhale and as you exhale, let your hips sink. This will tighten the right hamstring and left hip flexor, allowing them to elongate with each breathing cycle.

You can place your left hand on the floor and use your right palm to push your right knee a little farther so that you open your right thigh as well. Stay here for at least a minute before you do the same thing on the other side.

If you want to take a step forward, you can put your right foot a little more to the right and create a larger spacer than your left leg. This way, you’ll go deeper into your hips and help improve your range of motion at the same time.

Try socks

Great tools to prevent you from slipping during your workouts.

bathroom position

Start a runner’s lunge on your right side and place your right shin perpendicular to your left leg. Bring the left knee down and fix your posture by turning your right shin to level with your flexibility. If you have narrow hips, your shins will likely be more diagonal than vertical, and your right heel will come somewhere under your left hip.

Whatever your level of resilience, respect it as overstepping your bounds end in injury. Place your palms next to your hips and take a big inhale to prepare and lengthen your spine, then exhale and place your forearms on the floor in front of your right leg. Relax your torso over your leg and feel the stretch in your right hamstring and right hip. You can stay here for a minute or extend your arms fully on the floor and relax your head.

You can even grab your elbows and rest your forehead on your forearms. Take deep breaths and make sure your hips don’t fall to either side. The goal is to make it as square as possible. On the last exhale, slowly walk your hands back to the starting position (near the hips) and switch your legs.

happy child

Lie on your mat and bend your knees. Bring them close to your chest and hug them tightly until you feel your whole back resting on the floor. Grasp your feet from the inside and push your feet into the palms of your hands at the same time as you pull them down. Let your knees graze your lateral torso and feel the double motion stretch your hips, hamstrings, and lower back.

Stay here for at least a minute and then relax your legs. You can add a vibrating sensation while in the position to further massage the spine, but if it doesn’t feel comfortable for you, simply stay still, relax your upper body, and enjoy the leg lengthening exercise.

ragdoll poses

Ragdoll is a super easy pose that uses gravity to help stretch your legs in the most natural way possible. Start in a standing position, feet hip-width apart. Begin by rolling slowly into a front fold. Hold your elbows and bend your knees if you need to. Gently swing side to side, say yes and no with your head nods, feeling the pull of your hamstring and calf lengthening, bringing your arms closer to the ground with each passing second.

Stay here for at least a minute and then slowly roll back to the standing position you started in.

Now that you’ve got leg stretching exercises to help treat tired legs, here are some of them Awesome back moves It can save you from sitting at your desk all day.

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