Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Is The First Album In Five Years To Move A Million Units In A Week… And She Did It In Three Days

Taylor SwiftMidnights became the first album to record 1 million units in a week in five years. Another album to do that? Taylor Swift’s “Reputation,” throughout 2017.

Moreover, Midnight achieved this feat only in its first three days of being on the market. shines Tells diverse The new record was set with 1.2 million album-equivalent units during the weekend of October 21-23.

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There’s a “just in 2022, kids” element to this too: Roughly half of the total units accrued during those first three days came in…vinyl sales. Luminate reports that nearly 500,000 copies were sold in LP format over the weekend. This represented more than half of the total actual album sales during that period, which totaled 955,000 copies sold in all formats, including digital and CD.

‘Midnight’ is a rare informative monster (not to be confused with a monster on a hill, too big to hang around, slowly heading towards your favorite city, pierced in the heart, but never killed). But it’s no slouch in the streaming department either. For Luminate, the first three days of release saw the album rack up over 284 million official on-demand streams, with audio and video streams counted together.

paintingThe album, whose weekly charts are bolstered by Luminate’s support, indicated several signs of rising waters that the album had already set, with more than half a week left of its first release. Among them is the fact that 1.2 million units gives “Midnights” the highest number for a new album in a week since “Reputation” arrived at 1,238 units five years ago — a sign that the new album will likely surpass it by the end of the year. Monday.

And Billboard had already reported on Saturday that just a day later, “Midnights” had recorded the biggest week for a vinyl album since Luminate’s predecessors began tracking sales in 1991.

All of these LPs are one big factor in why “Midnights” is so much bigger than Swift’s other recent albums. As well established, there is a significant delay in getting vinyl squeezed nowadays, and so when both “Folklore” and “Evermore” were released in 2020, fans had to wait months for the vinyl release to follow the digital unveiling. In this case, Swift wasn’t in a hurry, and there were plenty of LPs this weekend, in stores as well as for online orders, for anyone who wanted them.

Many fans bought multiple versions. There were five different versions of the LP – four of them with different cover art and different LP color variants, as well as a separate Target version that duplicated one of these covers but in a different color. The CD version was also available with four different covers and in-house artwork, and there was anecdotal evidence of a lot of Swifties putting together complete sets…even appearing in the cassette version (which was limited to one cover).

But streaming numbers show that the album’s strength is hardly due to collectability and stockpiling. Billboard says 284 million streams aggregated in the first three days was enough to give “Midnights” the third-largest broadcast week in 2022. The record for one week this year is held by Bad Bunny, whose title is Un Verano Sin Ti 356.55 million in his debut week. With four days left in the chart period, “midnight” stands a good chance of breaking the Bad Bunny high mark, should the momentum continue.

After the chart period expires on Thursday night, official results for the first week should wait “midnight” until next Sunday’s traditional news explosion, though with interest, estimates are expected to fly freely as the week progresses.

Broadcasting didn’t hurt at all that Swift released a deluxe 20-track release, titled “3 AM,” just three hours after the 13-song Standard Edition was released.

Read diverseReview that standard edition over here and additional tracks over here.

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