World Cup 1950: When the United States beat England in the biggest sporting upset of all time

CNN – On one side of the field was a team made up of some of the biggest names in it Globalism football. On the other hand there was a gravedigger, a dishwasher and a postman. The result It looked formal. However, in front of nearly 10,000 fans—and an intrepid American reporter—in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, … Read more

Falling home prices is coming. High unemployment could make it much worse

London CNN Business – Last year, Auckland’s largest real estate company was unable to sell properties fast enough to meet demand in New Zealand’s largest city. Homes were “flying out the door,” said Grant Sykes, a principal at the Barfoot & Thompson real estate agency. “There were chin-breaking moments when agents would stand across the … Read more

PG&E Receives $1.1 Billion Federal Grant to Keep Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Online

CNN – California nuclear power got a jolt of financial support from the Biden administration on Monday as the US Department of Energy awarded a $1.1 billion grant to Pacific Gas & Electric to Help extend the life of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant On the coast of Central California. The Diablo plant was to … Read more

What we know about the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs

CNN – A 22-year-old gunman killed five people and wounded 25 at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, shortly before midnight Saturday, police said Sunday. suspect Shooting at Club Q Anderson Lee Aldrich has been identified, according to Colorado Springs Police Chief Adrian Vasquez. After entering the club, Vasquez said, he immediately opened fire … Read more

G20, APEC and ASEAN: World leaders have wrapped up three summits in Asia – with Russia firmly on the sidelines

Bangkok, Thailand CNN – The big three tops world leaders What has happened across Asia in the past week has made one thing clear: Vladimir Putin Marginalized now on the world stage. Putin who Attack on Ukraine For the past nine months, the European country has devastated and disrupted the global economy, refusing to attend … Read more

North Korea launches intercontinental ballistic missiles into the sea off Japan, in “flagrant violation” of UN resolutions

Seoul, South Korea CNN – North Korea On Friday it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the second missile test by the Kim Jong Un regime in two days, and was condemned as a “flagrant violation” of UN resolutions by the US and its allies. The ICBM was launched at around 10:15 a.m. local time … Read more

Roa Rumman: The first Muslim and Palestinian woman elected to the Georgia State Assembly

CNN – Roa Rumman recalls the sadness she felt as an 8-year-old sitting in the back of a school bus watching her classmates point at her house and bursting into fierce laughter. “There is a bomb lab,” they quipped in another attempt to brand her family a terrorist. On Tuesday, the girl herself — now … Read more

Biden meets with top US allies Japan and South Korea after mid-term batch

Phnom Penh, Cambodia CNN – President Joe Biden I landed in Cambodia on Saturday still enjoying midterm election results That produced an unexpected boost at home for his second year in office. The scale of challenges abroad, and efforts to translate 21 months of intense engagement into tangible results for US alliances, will put the … Read more

Highlights Josh Gedi, Stephen Curry, Most Advance Ball Pool Player, Boston Celtics Beat Denver Nuggets

Oklahoma City guard Josh Gedi helped the Oklahoma City Thunder win a dominant 132-113 victory over the Toronto Raptors, scoring 15 points to score nine rebounds and five assists. Jedi could have added to his personal tally, but the Australian was knocked out five minutes before the end of the third quarter and briefly came … Read more

Medibank data breach: Australia blames Russian cybercriminals for attack

Brisbane, Australia CNN – Australian Federal Police (AFP) said Friday that cybercriminals in Russia were behind a ransomware attack on one of Australia’s largest private health insurance companies that viewed sensitive personal data posted on the dark web. At a brief news conference, AFP Commissioner Reese Kershaw told reporters that investigators know the identity of … Read more