Synology builds petabyte-sized data warehouse for leading AI institute

Taiwan AI Labs is Asia’s first non-profit AI research organization and has selected the comprehensive storage systems group Synology to build the core AI training infrastructure. The research center works with both the public and private sectors and has led cutting-edge research that harnesses the power of AI, including the development of automated diagnostics for … Read more

Xi Jinping’s expected coronation begins with the start of the 2022 Communist Party National Congress

Hong Kong CNN – Chinese Leader Xi Jinping He vowed Sunday to guide China through serious challenges toward its national rejuvenation, advancing a nationalist vision that has put it on a collision course with the West. Speaking at the opening Twentieth Party CongressAs he prepares to secure a normative third term in power, Xi has … Read more

Semiconductor alliances between the United States and Asia can hold back China

Analysts told CNBC that leading chip makers, including the United States, are forming alliances, in part to secure the semiconductor supply chain and prevent China from being up-to-date. Places like the United States, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, which have strong semiconductor industries, have sought partnerships around biotechnology. “The direct cause of all of this … Read more