Book recommendations from business and culture leaders

Courtesy of New Harbinger Publications (Stop Walking on Eggshells); Courtesy of Macmillan (All We Say); Courtesy of Riverhead Books (Intimacys); Courtesy of Wiley (The Power of One More); Simon Belcher / Elmi (Bible) font size Leslie Ma Ming Zhou Hsu and Daniel Xu Associate Curator of Asian Art, Department of Modern and Contemporary Art, Metropolitan … Read more

Inflation has not yet affected insurance and other healthcare costs

font size The August CPI report found that health insurance expenditures rose 24.3%. But this number is misleading. Tyler Olson / In depth CPI report for August that the Bureau of Labor Statistics Tuesday released It was a heart-stopping number: Health insurance expenditures, according to the report, were up 24.3% on an unadjusted basis … Read more

Big tech stocks are still very expensive. What does that mean for the market?

font size Nvidia stocks are trading at an average forward earnings multiple of about 38 times. Justin Sullivan / Getty Images Big tech stocks are still very expensive, despite the downturns this year. This is the key Standard & Poor’s 500. Now, giants – apple (Stock ticker: AAPL) and the alphabet (GOOGL) Two examples – … Read more