Willow, Gossip Girl, sort of

Warwick Davis in willow; Zion Moreno V gossip girl; Bilal Beck in Somewhatpicture: Lucasfilm Ltd; Barbara Nitke/HBO; HBO Max Welcome to What’s On, our weekly pick of must-watch shows. Here’s what you need to watch from Sunday, November 27 through Thursday, December 1. All times are EST. [Note: The weekend edition of What’s On drops … Read more

Biological treatment of IBD patients through the Financial Assistance Program can have superior results

A study conducted by researchers at UT Southwestern University found that patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) who needed treatment with biological therapies and enrolled in a financial assistance program were less likely to need surgery after starting treatment compared to those not enrolled in the program. There are gaps in IBD care. Our project … Read more

Kessler and BrainQ partner in a national trial of a breakthrough device to improve post-stroke recovery

Researchers from the Kessler Foundation and the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation (together, “Kessler”) are enrolling participants in a national trial of an innovative device to improve recovery after stroke. The Kessler sites in West Orange and Saddle Brook, N.J., are among 20 sites across the United States participating in the EMAGINE Stroke Recovery Trial, which … Read more

With the spread of STDS, companies are rushing to market at-home test kits. But are they reliable?

Among the more remarkable legacies of the COVID-19 pandemic is how quickly federal regulators, the health care industry, and consumers moved to make home testing a reliable tool for managing the public health crisis. But that quick focus is missing from another, less widespread epidemic: an explosion in sexually transmitted diseases that can cause chronic … Read more

Study reveals new rules for lineage evolution

The hypothalamus, one of the most complex brain regions in the mammalian nervous system, contains an astonishing diversity of neurons that regulate endocrine, autonomic, and behavioral functions. It not only regulates food consumption, water intake, body temperature, circadian rhythm and sleep to maintain the survival of individual organisms, but also controls the onset of puberty … Read more

Guidelines for MS Doctors: Talking About Brain Atrophy – UBMD Physicians Group

A team of researchers at the Jacobs College of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, working alongside multiple sclerosis patients and their advocates, has developed guidelines for clinicians about talking about brain atrophy with patients. published November 14, 2022 Ellen Goldbaum’s story team of Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences Researchers published a paper It provides … Read more

New intervention helps addiction patients better manage their health

An intervention that teaches patients in addiction treatment how to better communicate with their primary care team regarding mental and physical health concerns has led to long-term benefits over 5 years, including more primary care use and fewer visits to the substance-related emergency department, Kaiser has Permanent researchers found. The study published in JAMA Network … Read more

The study highlights the importance of poverty in criminal convictions

A study in Brazil showed that a significant reduction in child poverty could reduce criminal convictions by nearly a quarter. An article about the study was published in Scientific Reports. The researchers used an innovative approach that included analysis of 22 risk factors affecting human development and interviews with 1,905 children at two points—a first … Read more

A replica of the Gattaca? From science fiction to the reality of IVF

Science fiction movie about biotechnology Gataka It was released 25 years ago this month. The genetics-centric world that Jataka envisioned, including genetic surveillance and associated privacy issues, seems prophetic given our current non-fictional genetic technologies. Gattaca and Pop Culture stories are often the primary sources for how society understands complex issues in science; Sometimes for … Read more

AI language models may be offensive or biased towards individuals with disabilities

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a type of artificial intelligence that allows machines to use text and spoken words in many different applications -; Like smart assistants or email autocorrect and spam filters -; Help automate and simplify processes for individual and enterprise users. However, the algorithms driving this technology often have attitudes that can … Read more