How to navigate credit and financial risk in an unstable economy

Burning five-dollar and one-dollar banknotes, London, August 8, 2011 (Photo by Tom Stoddart/Getty Images) Getty Images I recently interviewed Sundeep Yerapotina, Chief Risk Officer (CRO CRO ) of Citi’s Rewards branded cards, a personal finance and credit risk management expert on how people handle credit and financial risks in today’s uncertain market. What is your … Read more

Entrepreneur: Do you have the DNA to be an entrepreneur?

A new idea, a great deal of effort, some luck and the right timing. The sum of it all can lead to entrepreneurial success. But who is the entrepreneur? What drives them? What characteristics best describe them? If you want to embark on an entrepreneurial journey that is undoubtedly challenging; It is wise to look … Read more

Why choline belongs in a brain friendly diet

If you’re eating for brain health, your regular menu will likely be home to polyphenol-packed berries, lutein-rich leafy greens, and omega-3 oily fish. But your list may be missing foods rich in choline, such as soybeans, eggs, red potatoes, and beans. Adequate intake of a B vitamin that is similar to B vitamins is associated … Read more