calm | Features | A Shroom of His Own: Björk’s Fossora Review

Credit: Vidar Logi Björk sings on “Ancestress,” “I’m the Keeper of Hope,” one of two songs (along with Sorrowful Soil) dedicated to her late mother Heldor Rona Hawksdottir. Hope is a central theme in this, Björk’s 10th record: hope as a survival mechanism, the holding of hope for those not yet ready to receive it, … Read more

“Blonde” review: “The Passion of the Christ” by Marilyn Monroe

Even if “Blonde”, written and directed by Andrew Dominic, offered a sympathetic and privileged view of Marilyn Monroe’s private life, it would have been a cinematic disaster. The film is ridiculously cliched – Monroe’s story as if conveyed through Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ.” The character endures an overwhelming streak of relentless torment, which, … Read more