Genetic testing: a new approach to opportunities and challenges in preventive health care

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people’s perception of healthcare has changed. While the top ten causes of death in India are still non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease and respiratory diseases, they can be easily prevented/controlled if they are treated at an early stage through screening and vital counseling at regular intervals. Moreover, routine testing may … Read more

Agencies are seeking input on bona fide discretion rules

Follow up closely after clarification of the independent dispute resolution process Final ruleissued the four executive entities tasked with implementing the provisions of the No Surprises Act, the Office of Personnel Management, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the Employee Benefits Security Administration, and the Internal Revenue Service. Request for information To assist … Read more

Do you really want to keep paying commissions to the salesperson you fired?

Seyfarth SummaryBaylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories, LLC (“BMGL”) is engaged in genetic testing. BMGL sells its tests to “channel partners,” who in return order test samples that doctors order. Brandon Berthuis became Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BMGL in early 2015. The two-page employment agreement drafted by BMGL Berthuis provided a base salary and … Read more