Strong iPhone 14 Pro sales could result in Apple retaining 60% market share for high-end smartphones

strong sales from iPhone 14 Pro Models could see Apple stabilize its high-end phone market share of 60%, if the enthusiastic consumer response continues throughout the year. according to DigiTimesSo far this year, Apple’s market share for high-end phones over $500 has reached 55% in the off-season and 60% in the high season, but sales … Read more

All iPhone 14 models feature a new rear-facing ambient light sensor

All four iPhone 14 models feature dual sensors for ambient light for the first time, according to Apple’s technical specifications for the hardware. according to Take CrunchMatthew PanzarinoAll iPhone 14 models are equipped with a new ambient light sensor on the back of the hardware, while previous iPhone models only had a single ambient light … Read more

Dynamic Island games are available on iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro It includes a new smart dynamic island that hides the front-facing TrueDepth camera hardware, and third-party app developers are already experimenting with ways to take advantage of the new features. Iphone Capabilities. Apple allows third party developers to create Dynamic Island experiences, which may end up including games. Kriss Smolka, the … Read more

Dynamic island, satellite connection, eSIM and more

Apple’s Wednesday Far Out event saw the launch of several Apple devices, from the second generation Apple Watches and AirPods Pro to the new iPhone 14 series. With these new iPhones, Apple has introduced eight new features to its users, which will definitely come in handy – when needed. While – like the iPhone 12 … Read more