Escalation of borrowing makes a quick end to unlikely rate hikes

Those of us of a certain age remember a time when Federal Reserve money supply numbers sent shock waves through financial markets, as jobs or inflation reports do now. It was in the late 1970s and early 1980s, when the Federal Reserve used data to direct its monetary policy to break the back of inflation. … Read more

Falling home prices is coming. High unemployment could make it much worse

London CNN Business – Last year, Auckland’s largest real estate company was unable to sell properties fast enough to meet demand in New Zealand’s largest city. Homes were “flying out the door,” said Grant Sykes, a principal at the Barfoot & Thompson real estate agency. “There were chin-breaking moments when agents would stand across the … Read more

Business is still thriving even as recession fears mount

Illustration: Brendan Lynch / Axios Executives may be you speak About recession risk more on phone calls with investors. But if you look at what they actually are a job, Things look a little different. Driving news: The nation’s largest companies reported a record amount of capital expenditures (capex) – investments in new buildings, machinery … Read more

Pre-market stocks: what the midterm elections could mean for the US economy

A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business’ Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can register over here. You can listen to an audio version of the newsletter by clicking on the same link. New York CNN Business – Tuesday midterm elections It comes at a time of economic weakness in … Read more

Powell faces political pressure once again as concerns about the economy mount

Jerome Powell, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, speaks during a federal hearing event in Washington, DC, US, on Friday, September 23, 2022. Drago | Bloomberg | Getty Images Political questioning of the Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell About the central bank’s policy moves are intensifying, this time from the other side of the aisle. … Read more

Why stock market investors fear ‘something else is going to break’ as the Fed attacks inflation

Some investors are concerned that the Federal Reserve may over-tighten monetary policy in its attempt to tame hyperinflation, as markets look forward to this coming week’s reading of the Fed’s preferred measure of the US cost of living. “Federal Reserve officials They’ve been scrambling to scare investors out almost every day with speeches announcing that … Read more

Opinion: Raising interest rates scares the market, but stock investors focus on the wrong rate

The stock market has been spooked by rising interest rates. Let us reflect more carefully, from the point of view of value investing, on these concerns. Warren Buffett famously argued that investors should think of stocks as “bonds in disguise,” where stocks pay dividends, similar to coupons that bonds pay, and can be valued similarly. … Read more

Opinion: The Fed is missing a crucial turning point in its fight against inflation because it believes in flawed data

The Fed can’t see the next potential economic meltdown because it’s still looking in the rear-view mirror, seeing nothing but High inflation. The risk arises because the CPI and PCE – the two most important measures of inflation – have a fatal flaw in the way they measure shelter costs. “ If you get your … Read more

Why Americans shouldn’t panic as the Fed raises interest rates: Finance experts

Americans should stay calm, boost their personal savings and sharply monitor their long-term fiscal plan like the Federal Reserve raises interest ratespersonal finance experts told The Post. The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate by 0.75% on Wednesday for the third consecutive month. By raising interest rates, the Fed makes it more expensive to … Read more

One of the numbers may be the key to how the markets trade right after the Fed meeting

The bond market is waiting for Federal Reserve officials to reveal how high interest rates they think will rise. The reaction to those expectations will also have a profound effect on stocks, which have struggled with higher interest rates in anticipation of a more aggressive Fed. The Fed’s latest forecast for a final rate — … Read more