Biological treatment of IBD patients through the Financial Assistance Program can have superior results

A study conducted by researchers at UT Southwestern University found that patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) who needed treatment with biological therapies and enrolled in a financial assistance program were less likely to need surgery after starting treatment compared to those not enrolled in the program. There are gaps in IBD care. Our project … Read more

Sand Springs science teacher gets $18,000 grant to buy virtual reality headsets for classrooms

SAND SPRINGS — Sixth-grade science teacher Sandy Gilstrap responded to the knock on her class door Tuesday morning with a degree of excitement that even the winner of a publishing house sweepstakes would envy. Gilstrap’s own version of “Prize Patrol” filled the entrance to the sixth-grade center outside, with representatives from the Sand Springs Education … Read more

Ewasu School Board amends writer selection policies; The county has pulled all graphic novels for review

Citing parental feedback, the Owasu Public Schools Board of Education voted Monday night to formally codify and revise book selection practices to include provisions specifically targeting graphic novels and books offered with illustrations throughout. Among the policy changes approved by a 4-0 vote, each graphic novel was required to be reviewed by at least three … Read more

Roa Rumman: The first Muslim and Palestinian woman elected to the Georgia State Assembly

CNN – Roa Rumman recalls the sadness she felt as an 8-year-old sitting in the back of a school bus watching her classmates point at her house and bursting into fierce laughter. “There is a bomb lab,” they quipped in another attempt to brand her family a terrorist. On Tuesday, the girl herself — now … Read more

WPCC Unveils New Family Medicine Training Office

Exclusive to the News Herald Western Piedmont Community College completed renovations that turned the classroom into the Clay W. Richardson Family Medicine Training Office. This interactive classroom space was made possible by the family of Dr. Clay Richardson who made a financial donation to the Western Piedmont Foundation to honor his life and legacy. Dr. … Read more

Michelle C. Mayer-Ship, CEO of Dress for Success, on burnout and career advice

This story is part of the Behind the Desk series, where CNBC Make It personal with successful CEOs discovering everything from how they got to where they are to what gets them out of bed in the morning to their daily routines. In August 2020, it was started by Michelle C. Mayer Ship dream job … Read more

Galloway School Board Candidates Discuss Budgets and Mental Health Ahead of Elections

Unusually warm November weather for high school football matches GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP – The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on student well-being and the potential shortage of government funds to deal with the challenges of the pandemic era took center stage at the last town hall for a school board race. The Galloway Family School Associations … Read more

The study highlights the importance of poverty in criminal convictions

A study in Brazil showed that a significant reduction in child poverty could reduce criminal convictions by nearly a quarter. An article about the study was published in Scientific Reports. The researchers used an innovative approach that included analysis of 22 risk factors affecting human development and interviews with 1,905 children at two points—a first … Read more

Telekom leads the 6G research consortium NeXt

-6G NeXt investigates 6G requirements for instant and reliable transmission for demanding XR applications A project to develop a comprehensive system with a high-speed software layer that integrates data processing and communication – Anti-collision system testing and 3D 3D communication on the system web wire – Monday, October 31, 2022 Deutsche Telekom leads the way … Read more

Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine creates a STEM-focused master’s program

The RegenMed Hub in downtown Winston-Salem now features a new master’s degree program Focuses on educating future generations of STEM professionals and business leaders in the field of regenerative medicine. The program represents a collaboration between Wake Forest University School of Medicine and the university’s Institute of Regenerative Medicine within the Innovation Quarter. STEM stands … Read more