The next financial crisis may already be ripe, but not as many expect

A growing number of traders, academics and bond market experts are concerned that the $24 trillion US Treasury debt market may be headed for a crisis as the Federal Reserve begins its “quantitative tightening” at full speed this month. With the Fed doubling the pace that its bond holdings will “roll” its balance sheet in … Read more

Inflation has not yet affected insurance and other healthcare costs

font size The August CPI report found that health insurance expenditures rose 24.3%. But this number is misleading. Tyler Olson / In depth CPI report for August that the Bureau of Labor Statistics Tuesday released It was a heart-stopping number: Health insurance expenditures, according to the report, were up 24.3% on an unadjusted basis … Read more

Even after the market crashes, investors are still making two implausible assumptions about the next six months, this economist says

This is not the first time that inflation numbers have surprised the market. The bad news was the S&P 500 SPX, + 0.55% It saw the biggest one-day drop in two years, dropping 4.2%. The good news is if you check your 401(k) it will only go back to last week’s levels, futures are holding … Read more