Pandemic assistance continues as Cowlitz County renters see rising costs

Look at some rental data and home prices. Housing costs are rising for Cowlitz County renters as local agencies maintain pandemic-related services to help people struggling to pay the extra expenses. The average price of one-bedroom rentals in Cowlitz County increased about 6%, while two-bedroom rents increased 4% from fall 2021 to fall 2022, according … Read more

AI has its Achilles heel: data

The data is everywhere, nowhere GT AI does not appear when installing tools and software. It takes planning, and most of all, it requires data. A recent study found that getting the right data to create – and understand – AI and machine learning algorithms is the point at which many organizations fall back. Organizations … Read more

Soon to the end of the sailors’ drought is ‘stressful’, but the first World Series is Seattle’s focus

The fourth week of the NFL season promises plenty of excitement after a strong start to the 2022 season. The season so far has been decided by close endings. In three weeks, there have been 18 games that have been decided by three points or less this season, and most of them have been during … Read more

Google Ads Privacy Guidance on Why It’s Fighting to Save the Ad-Funded Internet

Digital advertising should be safer, but completely surrendering to the ad-supported web would be a mistake, says Google’s Claire Norborn. Having access to quality information has never been more important than it is today. We are living in a pandemic, experiencing a crisis in living and energy costs, witnessing a terrible war in Ukraine and … Read more

How much will your Social Security benefits increase in 2023 based on current inflation? | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Bram Berkowitz) New inflation data for August sent the market lower earlier this week, with Dow Jones Industrial Average It gave up a staggering 1,250 points on Tuesday as inflation came in higher than expected last month. Inflation data doesn’t just affect the markets; It also plays a big role in determining how much to … Read more