Russia vetoes a UN resolution on the annexation of Ukraine and China abstains from voting | war news between russia and ukraine

Russia used its veto in the United Nations Security Council to thwart a draft resolution that sought to condemn its annexation of Ukraine. But even Moscow’s two closest friends, China and India, chose to abstain rather than vote against the resolution condemning the Kremlin’s recent actions in Ukraine. The US ambassador to the United Nations, … Read more

Transparent AI: Paving the way for better IVF outcomes

The formation of the family is one of the most natural developments in life, it fundamentally sustains our collective future since the beginning of time. Family structures are formed in unique configurations but the desire to nurture, nurture and love the child is universal. The extraordinary elements that must completely collide to create life is … Read more

LinkedIn Promotes “Global” Moves, Increases Green Efforts

Technicians inspect wind turbine blades at a construction site in northwest China’s Gansu Province on September 7. [WANG JIANG/FOR CHINA DAILY] With so many Chinese companies rushing to fill its offices with the right people overseas, LinkedIn, a California-based professional networking platform provider, will upgrade its business-to-business, or B2B, operations in China to help more … Read more

Semiconductor alliances between the United States and Asia can hold back China

Analysts told CNBC that leading chip makers, including the United States, are forming alliances, in part to secure the semiconductor supply chain and prevent China from being up-to-date. Places like the United States, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, which have strong semiconductor industries, have sought partnerships around biotechnology. “The direct cause of all of this … Read more

China lost the Yangtze River dolphin. Climate change is coming for other species then

“The Peiji dolphin, or the Yangtze river dolphin, was this unique and beautiful creature – there was nothing quite like it,” said British zoologist and conservationist Samuel Turvey, who spent more than two decades in China trying to track down the animal. “It’s been around for tens of millions of years and was in its … Read more

Tech rivalry between the United States and China is adding to the problems of stock investors

The fierce rivalry between China and the United States for technological supremacy is adding new pain points for the world’s second-largest stock market, as the Biden administration ramps up efforts to reduce economic dependence on the Asian country. From biotech to electric cars, stocks of major Chinese manufacturers have seen heavy selling lately as US … Read more

Putin admits that China has “questions and concerns” about Russia’s faltering invasion of Ukraine

Hong Kong CNN – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday praised China’s “balanced position” on Ukraine warAlthough he admitted that Beijing had “questions and concerns” about the invasion, in what appeared to be a veiled acknowledgment of their divergent views about the protracted military offensive. Putin made the remarks while meeting Chinese leader Xi Jinping … Read more

Up to ten dead amid shortages caused by Xinjiang COVID lockdown – Radio Free Asia

Up to 12 people have died of starvation or lack of access to medicine in northwest China’s Xinjiang region during a strict coronavirus lockdown imposed by Chinese authorities since early August, according to residents and local officials. Hunger has left members of 10 families in Gurkiratma village, in Ghulja (in Chinese, Yining) Araosteng township, in … Read more

Five Hong Kong speech therapists convicted of sedition over children’s books about wolves and sheep

The accusations center around a set of comic books that tell the stories of a village of sheep resisting a pack of wolves invading their home – a story that government prosecutors have claimed is meant to provoke contempt for the local government and the Chinese central government in Beijing. In one book, wolves attempt … Read more