Do planes, trains, and cars still operate today?

Steve Martin and John Candy Planes, trains and cars (Image: Paramount Pictures)Draw: Libby McGuire This year marks the 35th anniversary of what is widely considered the best Thanksgiving movie ever made –Planes, trains and cars. Paramount on the occasion of the occasion with a New remastered 4K version Shows over an hour of deleted scenes … Read more

A Korean War movie never flinches as much as it aims to

(LR: Jonathan Majors and Glenn Powell in loyaltypicture: Eli Addy in early time loyalty, Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors), the first black pilot in the history of the Navy, tries to calm himself before he takes off into the skies. It’s a pivotal moment in the movie and uses a classic movie trope: talking to oneself … Read more

TV review: Wednesday is dreadfully boring

Gina Ortega as Wednesday Addams picture: Netflix Despite the abundance of werewolves, sirens and gorgons, there is no Frankenstein’s monster Wednesday. But the show itself is a disgraced corpse horribly assembled from pieces of undead media: fans of teen fantasy will recognize pieces of everything from Veronica Mars And the mean girls to me Harry … Read more

Yellowstone, Fleischman in trouble

Kevin Costner in YYellowstone; Jesse Eisenberg in Fleischmann in trouble; Linda Cardellini in dead to mepicture: Basic; Michael Parmelli/FX; Said Adani / Netflix Welcome to What On, our weekly pick of must-see shows. Here’s what you need to watch from Sunday, November 13 to Thursday, November 17. All times are EST. [Note: The weekend edition … Read more

John Carpenter’s Favorite Video Games of 2022

John Carpenterpicture: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images for TCM John Carpenter is a legend – and he’s exactly the kind you’ll likely make fun of when you tell him that fact to his face. (In his role as co-author on David Gordon Green’s continuation of His Sweetheart HalloweenCarpenter is inclined to refer to himself and … Read more

Chevy Chase is out, Donald Glover in the movie Society, says the creator

Donald Glover Dan Harmon Chevy Chasepicture: Cindy Ord Brian Peder Jean Baptiste Lacroix (Getty Images) The prophecy is finally fulfilled by six seasons and social communication movie, thank god peacock. The genre of the movie is still unclear, but suffice it to say that (most of) the gang are back together. Stars Joel McHale, Danny … Read more

House Of The Dragon doesn’t give us anyone to root for

Emma Darcy and Matt Smithpicture: Olly Upton / HBO We are only seven episodes Dragon House So far we have lost every character worthy of cheering. Some were introduced and killed almost instantly, some were with us from the start but hardly got any consideration before being shamelessly dispatched. And the characters we were meant … Read more