Family Medicine Doctors, AI Could Be Effective in Screening DR

Posters presented at AAO 2022 found that family medicine and artificial intelligence (AI) clinicians were able to screen patients for diabetic retinopathy (DR) effectively, despite the need to improve on false negatives in AI. In 2 posters presented at AAO 2022, research found that alternatives to ophthalmologists’ screening for diabetic retinopathy (DR) were effective. Clinicians … Read more

The Economists’ View of Artificial Intelligence: Beyond the Power of Cheaper Prediction

Artificial intelligence takes on predictive power; Humans retain control. GT There has been no lack of interest in the capabilities of AI, along with related concerns about bias, data validity, costs, and employee resistance. But we may be missing the most important point when it comes to the ultimate impact of AI, argues one prominent … Read more

Artificial intelligence is coming for commercial technical jobs. Can it be turned off?

Is Artificial Intelligence Coming to Commercial Art? Submitted by Stable Diffusion, courtesy of Rob Salkowitz Rob Slickitz Earlier this summer, a piece created by an AI app to convert text to image Won an award at the State Art Fair Competition, opening Pandora’s box of issues about the encroachment of technology into human creativity and … Read more