Standard AI provides powerful e-commerce insights for brick-and-mortar retail stores

Today’s announcement marks the next stage in the evolution of independent retail and the digitization of physical stores. With e-commerce insights and capabilities now available, Vision OS^ gives retailers the ability to understand store operations and how customers really shop. These tools help increase productivity and attract new revenue opportunities at a time when retailers are being held back by employment challenges and inflation.

Vision OS^ provides deep insights into retail operations and helps answer basic questions that may include:

  • Where do people usually go in the store, and how do they interact with the products?
  • Where do people live? What items do they choose from?
  • What items are out of stock and when do they run out?
  • What items are on the shelves and where are they in the store?

With great visions comes great power

Over the past five years, Standard Checkout™ has become the industry leader in retail computer vision. The company has proven that it can modify existing stores with a payment-free experience using only cameras and the cloud. With so many stores now open and dozens more on the way, the early returns show that shoppers and in-store teams alike love the experience. In general, retailers can notice an increase in the number of additional shoppers to their stores buying more. Happier shoppers also buy more.

Vision OS^ is a natural evolution of the standard AI platform, demonstrating the power and simplicity of computer vision and cloud cameras. After solving the most difficult application of computer vision in retail – standalone checkout – the platform is now improving store operations and providing strategic insights.

“Retailers are ‘researching and seeing the potential of their roofs – the most underutilized real estate in today’s stores,'” he said. Jordan FisherCo-founder and CEO of Standard AI. “When you empower physical retailers with e-commerce insights and analytics, you can understand shopper behavior and in-store processes in a whole new way. And with great insights come new opportunities to improve shopper experience, in-store support, and reap new revenue opportunities.”

Vision OS^ consists of three components – all in one:

  • Standard exit: The industry standard for self-checkout, a variety of retailers use Standard Checkout to manage employment and inflation challenges, attract new shoppers, and transform the shopper experience. click here for a video clip.
  • mission controlIt is a unique app-based dashboard that helps teams within the store manage operations and better experience the shopper. Specifically, it helps them understand things like: what shelves need restocking, when their store is out of alignment with the layout scheme, when a shopper chooses an item that might require an ID to purchase, and more. click here for a video clip.
  • ideas: Opening new frontiers of intelligence about store operations. It was developed to provide unprecedented insights into shopper behavior and operational performance, uncovering insights and revenue opportunities that were previously not possible. click here for a video clip.

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Standard AI has transformed retail as we know it. With the first payment-free solution that works in any existing store, the standard platform allows customers to come in, get what they need, and checkout – without waiting in line or stopping to scan or pay. The company’s machine vision and AI-powered solution is the only solution that can be installed quickly and easily in retailers’ existing stores, representing a giant leap forward for retail technology and enabling retailers to quickly deliver an amazing new shopping experience to customers. The industry’s first and best funded start-up Standard AI has launched several operational stores with customers, and works with international retailers. Learn more through

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