Sharapova has been insulted, bullied and taunted, but Simona is not being held accountable?

Simona Halep She enjoyed widespread support from all sides in the shadow of the doping scandal, with many former players, coaches and fans siding with the Romanian in her battle against the temporary suspension that was handed to her.

However, a small portion of the fans on social media are not happy, not with the former world number one herself but with the double standards made clear thanks to the support Halep has received.

When Maria Sharapova Affected by a similar doping scandal in 2016 and suspended as a result, the Russian did not receive such votes of confidence and was excluded from society. At least, that’s how fans of the five-times Grand Slam champion have been feeling in the past few days, with many taking to Twitter to vent their frustration.

One fan pointed out the hypocrisy at work, asking why so many articles defaming Sharapova were published at the time, while Halep was not treated similarly, tweeting:

“The silence about Simona’s doping ban is baffling lol. Sharapova has been defamed, bullied, taunted and many cheap articles but Simona is not being held accountable? Simona isn’t saying she should be vilified or anything else, just to point out the hypocrisy and the agenda is very clear right now.”

Silence on steroids ban Simona perplexing lol. Sharapova has been defamed, bullied, taunted and many cheap articles but Simona gets it without any accountability? Not saying that he should be vilified or anything else, just pointing out the hypocrisy and the agenda is very clear now.

Another user echoed the same sentiment, lamenting the differences in treatment given to Simona Halep and Sharapova and how the Russian was criticized even when her drug had not been shown to improve performance in the first place.

“Sharapova tested positive for one tournament with a drug that wasn’t even proven to be a performance-enhancing drug and everyone condemns it. Halep tested positive for one tournament with a drug similar to EPO (!!!) and shows support from everywhere. Talk about injustice.”

Sharapova + tested for one championship with a drug that hasn’t even been proven to be a performance-enhancing drug and everyone condemns her.. Halep positive for one championship with a drug similar to EPO (!!!) and support is coming from everywhere 🤔 Talk about injustice..…

Here are some reactions from fans:

Tweet embed Your first two points apply to Sharapova as well. You never intended to cheat, you only took it once after they got banned and your third point only proves my point that they have a vile agenda.

Getting rid of someone you don’t love is a lot easier than getting rid of someone you love. People are willing to give Halep the benefit of the doubt they weren’t ready to give Sharapova.…

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything special against Halep, I don’t like her, I don’t hate her, I don’t really care, but the difference in reaction and treatment is kinda annoying

MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen That’s right, they also found out that Sarah Irani is the same as Maria Sharapova. Surprising three months of suspension, that’s how it is when people in long pants or managers want to kill someone who doesn’t flatter their hands and that’s why the sport is like this

MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen Whatever matter Sharapova was taking, she was taking her whole life and it was always legal. But it was included in the new list at that time and failed after a month or so. So she was really only guilty of not checking out the new listing. Cruel for her to be called a cheat

Get the best of them! TT is really hypocritical. How did everyone insult Sharapova when everyone thought Simona was innocent?…

The difference in treatment between Sharapova and Halep is… insane 😅…

Tweet embed Why should he. When Sharapova failed a drug test and admitted to taking the drug for 10 years, I don’t remember people wanting to hear her coach’s opinion. I don’t remember people wanting to listen to the coach of any player who fails a drug test.

I think the biggest difference in the media’s treatment of Sharapova and Halep is that Maria immediately gave a press conference and pleaded guilty. She blew her defense off the jump.

Sharapova’s legacy is not tainted. The medication she’s been taking has been literally legal throughout her career. She didn’t check her email and they caused a bad smell. They were supposed to allow a grace period since it was newly listed and has been on it for years

Simona’s positive test for a banned drug is very funny to me. This girl had a lot to say when Sharapova tested positive. Who remembers the match where Sharapova knocked her out in the first round of the US Open? All that salty behavior and now Karma served her well

“Everyone wants to be with you when you win the major trophies, but who will stay close when the whole world turns against you? That is the question” – Maria Sharapova (Video- Maria Sharapova’s abuse)

I wasn’t there at the time. Was TT as convinced of Sharapova’s innocence as she is of Halep now? I’m pretty surprised there’s a consensus that she’s innocent (I think so too, I don’t know why) considering how much hate Yastremska or Errani still gets.

Sharapova was 29 years old and had already won five major tournaments, so what exactly is the difference? Because I remember everyone came to her when she announced it……

Simona Halep herself was very vocal in her criticism of Maria Sharapova at the time

Simona Halep and Maria Sharapova at the 2014 French Openvery vocal Against receiving Russian wildcards in tournaments. The former world number one described her as a bad example to children and young players, and noted that she could not support the practice of providing such assistance to players convicted of doping.

“For children, for young players, it is not acceptable to help a player with a wild card who has been banned for doping,” Simona Halep said. “It’s not about Maria Sharapova here, it’s about all the players who are found drugged. I can’t support what the tournament director did, but also I can’t judge.”

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