See Pierce Brosnan tell a charming story about Robin Williams

During a retrospective job fair, Pierce Brosnan talks about the dedication, creativity, and kindness he experienced from the late Robin Williams on the set of Mrs. Doubtfire.

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In a new interview with GQlegendary actor Pierce Brosnan discusses his life and career, including his experiences on the set of classic comedy Mrs. Doubtfire For nearly 30 years. The man who will eventually become James Bond He remembers his first encounter with Robin Williams, which went exactly as you had hoped. Brosnan recalls arriving in San Francisco (where much of the movie was shot) and finding Aladdin Star in the makeup trailer, dressed as himself, yet dressed in full “Mrs. Doubtfire makeup.”

According to Pierce Brosnan, Williams became the character of the British nanny, despite his hairy arms and legs showing through his shorts and short-sleeved shirt. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and just being “Mrs. Doubtfire” from the neck up, Robin Williams exclaimed in character ‘Oh, hey Pierce. Oh, you’re so handsome, oh, give us a kiss! Woah,’ only to suddenly switch to his usual deep voice to say “Hello, my friend. Nice to see you, glad you came.”

Williams’ uncanny knack for hilarious improvisation led the producers to create several cuts of the film, including one with dirty jokes that would likely earn an NC-17 rating. This “dirty” version is alluded to in the scene in which Pierce Brosnan strangles a shrimp at the end of the film. Robin Williams improvised many of the sexually suggestive – yet hilarious – phrases that Mrs. Doubtfire says to his character to confuse him.

Pierce Brosnan Robin Williams
Robin Williams and Pierce Brosnan in Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Movie fans may forget it Mrs. Doubtfire Released in 1993, before Pierce Brosnan was awarded “License to Kill” as 007 in 1995 golden eye. In the interview, Brosnan revealed that he was happy to be represented in Robin Williams’ car, as he was unemployed at the time and had to pay his mortgage. His biggest hit at the time was the police drama special on NBC Remington SteelHe was out of broadcasting for five years, and was mostly appearing in TV movies at the time.

after success Mrs. DoubtfireThings got better for Pierce Brosnan. He was cast as James Bond soon after, on the recommendation of director Chris Columbus, who endorsed him for Bond producers and praised his work in fire doubt And his relationship with Robin Williams. Brosnan was actually skipped for the role of Bond in the ’80s because he was under contract with him Remington Steelbut he continued to portray the spy in four films, his last appearance being in 2002 Die another day.

Robin Williams will go on to have a monster career, with Hook star appear in JumanjiAnd the birdcageAnd the Batch AdamsAnd the A night at the museumAnd the What dreams can come?. In 1998, he finally won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for good will fishingAnd that after being nominated three times before and not winning.

as such Movieweb Williams sadly notes that he committed suicide in 2014 at the age of 63, just like pre-production in Mrs. Doubtfire A sequel, which would have brought back Pierce Brosnan and Sally Field, was in development. It was only recently open That Robin Williams suffered from Lewy body dementia, a rare but debilitating brain condition that was not diagnosed until after his death.

If you get the chance, we highly suggest watching the full interview with Pierce Brosnan. It’s not just a revealing interview about Brosnan, but Robin Williams’ story is particularly touching and a fitting tribute to a talent that went so early.

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