Samsung Week’s 8 best deals: Galaxy phones, tablets, speakers, and TVs

It’s the fiftieth from Samsung Anniversary, the company celebrates with it Deal event that runs until November 1. Everything from the all-new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 foldable smartphone to the QLED 8K smart TV is on sale. Some discounted items will remain throughout the week, but the company is offering a few exclusive daily deals until the event ends, so be sure to check back if the device you want isn’t on sale yet. Here are some of the best deals right now.

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A note about trade deals

The deals we’ve picked below list standard discount rates if you don’t do You have a device to trade in, but you can get a much lower price for just about everything if you use it Samsung Exchange Program. Samsung accepts phones, tablets, and smartwatches from a variety of brands — in good condition and even if they’re cracked — so you have a few options. However, you should always check elsewhere first to see if you can get more for your device. We have some recommendations for services and websites You can use here. make sure you Reset your old device to factory settings before being traded.

Note that Samsung says that if you do not send in your replacement device, or if it does not meet the eligibility requirements, the company “reserves the right to remotely disable your new Samsung product”.

Smartphone and Tablet Offers

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

Photo: Samsung

Brand New Fold4 (8/10, WIRED RECOMMENDFor anyone who wants to live on the edge of smartphone technology. You’ll get a large tablet-like screen when you open this device – great for multitasking with multiple app windows or just watching your favorite show in bed. Close it and you will still be able to access the normal phone functions on the external display. It’s a chunky device, but that’s a sacrifice you have to make for all this technology. this deal Also available on Amazon.

I miss the dramatic hang up of the phone at the end of the conversation. If you’re looking for the “turn off your phone” moment, Flip4 (8/10, WIRED RECOMMEND) It may be yours. It looks like a regular smartphone, but it folds in half to be a really compact device in your bag or pocket. And yes, you can end calls by switching off the device.

Want to spend as little as possible? You can usually find a Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (8/10, WIRED RECOMMEND) on sale for about that price, but that doesn’t stop it from being a good deal. It has a bright 120Hz screen, 1+ day battery life, a good camera, and solid performance. In addition, Samsung will support it with four operating system upgrades and five years of security updates. This is rare for a phone at this price.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Photo: Samsung

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the most additional device Android tablet You can find. It’s positively huge, with a 14.6-inch AMOLED display, and has all the high-end specs, like a 120Hz screen refresh rate. Inside is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset as well, so it has plenty of power. Get some light work done with Samsung DeX mode. And while Android on a tablet has some quirks, Google It has plans to improve the platform Throughout the year, so this machine is supposed to get better with time. this deal Also available on Amazon.

The S8 Ultra is overkill, so most people should stick with the S8+ tab. It gets a large 12.4-inch AMOLED display and many of the same specs as its more expensive sibling. If you’re looking for a replacement for the big screen iPad Pro, here’s the problem. this is Offer also available on Amazon.

TV Shows and Speakers

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Samsung HW-Q990B Audio Device

Photo: Samsung

HW-Q990B (8/10, WIRED RECOMMENDTerrible name for a product, but these are amazing speakers. Dolby Atmos wireless audio can fill the room with clear dialogue and clear music. It’s like a traditional home theater setup without all the complications.

It may seem pointless, but the Samsung QN900B (8/10, WIRED RECOMMEND) Really beautiful. The screen is thin, yet you get an uncompromising visual sight. With 8K resolution, you get the most detailed color image and the highest quality available for processing. The only drawbacks: Samsung’s interface isn’t great, and there isn’t a lot of 8K content to consume…yet. this deal Also available on Amazon.

Samsung QN90B (8/10, WIRED RECOMMENDPerfect for anyone with really bright rooms, as this TV can be incredibly bright to eliminate annoying glare. The mini LED backlight provides great contrast, is easy to set up, and supports 120Hz screen refresh rate for all your favorite games. this deal Also available on Amazon.

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