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Samsung devices use AI-focused features to help users create sustainable homes with energy savings that exceed the highest rating in the industry

Samsung Electronics today announced how the company’s eco-friendly devices will save maximum energy in the home by adding an additional 10% savings to the highest industry standards under the new European energy labeling system.1

“As we have set out our vision to become the #1 brand of energy-efficient devices, we are excited to showcase Samsung devices and the technologies that make this possible,” said Hyesoon Yang, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience for Digital Devices at Samsung. electronics. “With SmartThings Energy maximizing the features of Samsung devices, users can enjoy the latest hardware technology while also being environmentally friendly at home.”

The No. 1 energy saving refrigerator offers advanced cooling and energy saving

When it comes to sustainability in the home, the kitchen is a major focus area because it houses large appliances that are always working. Storing fresh food, for example, requires refrigerators to maintain constant operation and, therefore, a constant power draw.

To address this, Samsung refrigerators are designed to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while improving food storage. Samsung refrigerators are ranked number one for energy efficiency in their class, and in fact, provide an additional 10% savings on top of the current highest energy rating standard. Also, SmartThings Energy with AI power mode helps intelligently reduce the energy use of refrigerators by up to 30%.2

SpaceMax™ technology allows for ample interior space in refrigerators without adding bulk on the outside, using advanced high-urethane insulation technologies. As a result, more food can be stored at optimal temperatures without requiring more energy.

In addition, innovative technologies such as Twin Cooling Plus™, CoolSelect + Plus and Metal Cooling help cool quickly and maintain temperatures compatible with types of foods.

Twin Cooling technology optimizes and maintains refrigerator temperature and humidity in an extremely stable range within 0.5°C fluctuations. CoolSelect + Plus allows the flexibility to choose from four different options within the compartments, from freezer to refrigerated, meaning different foods are kept in a matching state without wasting energy, unnecessarily lowering temperatures. Plus, once properly cooled, the metallic cooling system helps keep cool air inside for longer, reducing food temperature changes and ensuring food stays fresher for longer while saving energy.

Wash clothes for less with the #1 energy saving, AI washing machine

Samsung Bespoke AI™ washing machines feature the latest washing technology that provides users with a faster and more powerful washing experience with an additional 10% energy savings in addition to the highest energy rating standards. Plus, thanks to the AI ​​Energy mode, washing machines can reduce energy use by up to 70%.3 Putting them first in energy savings in their category.

Adding to a sustainable washing experience, SpaceMax™ technology offers a spacious 11kg capacity so users can do larger but fewer wash loads, reducing overall wash and drying cycles in the long run. SmartThings Energy with AI Energy Mode4 Optimizes wash cycles with technologies like Ecobubble™, which reduces energy use by providing powerful cold water cleaning5 without the need to heat the water.

Furthermore, the AI ​​washer and dryer uses advanced sensors to detect the weight and softness of the fabric in each load. This data is then analyzed, saving wash and drying cycles that are optimized and matched to the material of the garment, saving the user time and energy. The feature reduces the amount of water use by 24% and also dispenses the correct amount of detergent, using the weight of the load to calculate the optimal supply.

Improve comfort at home while reducing your carbon footprint with Samsung’s eco-friendly heating system

Providing a complete sustainable home package, Samsung’s Eco-Heating Systems (EHS) provides underfloor heating and hot water while providing an additional 10% energy savings above current highest standards. Using a new screw compressor, the EHS compresses refrigerant at a much higher pressure than conventional heating units, while flash injection technology and a large heat exchange area maximize heat transfer flow.

As sustainability becomes a critical factor in our daily lives, Samsung is constantly working on creating home appliances that can help save energy and resources in the home.

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1 According to the European Energy Standard, the highest energy efficiency rating for household appliances is A for refrigerators and washing machines and A +++ for an environmentally friendly heating system.

2 Reduces energy use by up to 15%* with an AI algorithm that optimizes compressor speed and defrost cycle and saves an additional 15%** by adjusting the set temperature.

* Available for select models from December 2022 through Wi-Fi update. Test results obtained from a factory-set temperature comparison with AI Energy mode without AI Energy mode. Results may vary by use case and pattern.

** The refrigerator will set the temperature on Fridge 5, Freezer -16 and may affect the shelf life of food.

3 Based on internal testing on model WW11BBA049AB under normal use conditions. Results: Annual energy consumption without AI power mode = 88.7 kWh. Annual energy consumption with AI power mode = 31.5 kWh. Results may vary depending on actual conditions of use.

4 It can be used when the set washing temperature is 20~40°C.

5 Tested in accordance with IEC 60456-2010 / 4 kg Wash Load / Super Eco Wash Cold (WF80F5E5U4W) vs. Cotton 40°C without Ecobubble™ (WF0702WKU). Individual results may vary.

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