‘Roger Federer frustrated and crushed the racket’

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic met in the semi-finals of Miami 2009. The Serbian overcame a slow start and took a 3-6, 6-2, 6-3 victory in his seventh final of the Masters 1000. This was their first confrontation since the 2008 US Open, Which brings up a rare sight.

Roger threw unexpected tantrums and explosions, smashed his racket and received a violation of the law. After the match, the Swiss skipped a handshake with chair referee Fergus Murphy. Novak Roger broke six out of ten chances, upped his game after the opening game and found a way to force his hits and take the tempo away from his opponent.

Federer made a solid start and took four breaks, which wasn’t enough for a positive result after spraying 40 unforced errors, many of them at crucial moments. Djokovic beat Federer in the most extended exchanges to secure the win and place the final against Andy Murray.

Roger made good passes at the start of the match and broke in the fourth game to open the 3-1 lead. The Swiss tied with two winners after a tie in the fifth game to enhance the advantage and stability in a good rhythm. Novak scored a backhand in the sixth game in another loose serve before dropping once in the next game to gather some momentum.

Federer grabbed the opener with his ninth game suspended, hoping to score more in the second set. However, he lost ground at the start of the second set and lost serve at 15 in the second game. Djokovic defended a point break in the third game to open a 3-0 gap and gain a boost.

Roger slipped out of the break after Novak’s double fault in Game Five and missed a match point in the next game. The Serbian took advantage of the fifth break opportunity after the opponent’s loose forehand to regain the advantage and advance 4-2.

Djokovic held at 15 in Game Seven and stole the opponent’s serve again at 15 at 5-2 to clinch the set and collect a push before the winner.

Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer fought in the 2009 Miami semi-finals.

Novak tied with a serve winner at the start of the final set and broke Roger at 15 in the second game to build the advantage.

Federer scored a routine forehand in the net on the second point in the third game and crushed his racket to lose focus and nervousness. Struggling to recover, Roger fouled a forehand in the fourth inning to find himself 4-0 down and far from the finish line after suffering a fourth straight break.

Federer pulled one back with a break in the fifth game before Djokovic held onto the love after two games to stay ahead. The Swiss team scored four winners in the match with a score of 2-5 to extend the confrontation, and the Serbian returned the ninth match to his homeland at the age of 15 to celebrate his third victory over Roger.

“Roger was frustrated, but I think he could give a better answer. I tried to keep my focus and bring the show home while taking charge. I was very nervous in the opening set and made a lot of mistakes despite sending a lot of first serve.

I then changed my style and played with more patience. The main match came with a score of 3-2 in the second set. I was a better player after that and used my chances. My comeback worked well, and I forced him to play an extra shot, which was necessary.

We’ve played many times on this deck, and there are no secrets between us. Roger didn’t do much in the opening game, pushing my back hand and waiting for fouls. She became more offensive after that and dominated the rallies with speed changes in difficult conditions.

Roger hides his emotions so well, I couldn’t think of what he felt at that moment; I was concentrating on my game. I knew I had the level to beat, and I had to be patient and aggressive at the same time. “He started making mistakes after the opening set and I tried to upset him on both wings,” Novak Djokovic said.

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