Robert Saleh says Elijah Moore is committed to airplanes

FLOREHAM PARK, NJ – Six days after ordering a trade and three days after sitting down, New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Mor He attended meetings and returned to training the Wednesday before Sunday’s game against the New England Patriots.

At the start of the practice, Moore and offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur shook hands and shared a quick embrace. Moore ordered the trade just hours after a heated exchange with LaFleur on Thursday.

The Jets (5-2), winning four consecutive teams for the first time since 2015, tried to portray Moore’s drama as a thing of the past. Coach Robert Saleh said Moore, frustrated at his lack of goals, is committed to the team, although he admitted he was unsure if the second-year recipient would still be willing to trade.

Saleh said, “I don’t know.” “I didn’t ask him.”

Moore, who has used social media to express his feelings, declined to speak with reporters. He announced his frustration after his Week 6 win over the Green Bay Packers, and tweeted that he didn’t understand why he wasn’t targeted in the game.

Saleh said, “He’s fine.” Was there frustration? Is there frustration? He’s still there in terms of what he wants his role to be from a ball production standpoint, but he’s not giving up on anyone. He’s not there chasing it. He’s not sitting on his helmet – he’s not skipping [practice] And he holds up, and he doesn’t fake injuries. He doesn’t do any of that. He just wants to contribute.”

Saleh made his comments before the practice. During the 30-minute notification window, Moore appeared engaged during rehearsals. He and Saleh had a conversation during the warm-ups.

Aircraft may have to lean on the Moore against Patriot (3-4), especially with a wide receiver Corey Davis (Knee) is listed as daily and does not exercise Wednesday.

After a promising year, Moore, a second-round pick for 2021, entered the season with high expectations, but is only sixth on the team in receptions (16) and fifth in goals (28) despite running more passing lanes (215) than any other person. According to ESPN statistics and information.

Sources said he’s been simmering for weeks, finally expressing his frustration last week, which culminated in his exchange with LaFleur prior to Thursday’s practice. He was sent home to clear his head. He spent the next three days working at the facility, isolated from the team. He did not travel to Denver for the game and became inactive.

Justin HardyThe captain said the team welcomed Moore’s return “with open arms.”

“It’s all love, man,” Hardy said. “We’re so excited to get him to move on, and we can’t wait to have some fun there. He’s a great player. He’s going to be special for us. I can’t wait for him to go and start playing. These things will calm down. Once the guy plays, it’s all gone.”

Airplanes made a new comeback James Robinson, which they acquired Monday night in a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Saleh wasn’t committed to whether Robinson would play on Sunday, saying they would take it day in and day out. He probably has a small set of plays.

Robinson said he was surprised by the trade, though he felt it was being phased out in favor of Jaguar’s return for sophomore Travis Etienne. Robinson only played 12 shots and had no load on Sunday. It was due to knee soreness, Jaguar trainer Doug Pederson said. Robinson said he’s healthy enough to play a bigger role.

“I just thought it was going to be some kind of two-stroke,” Robinson said. “I felt like they might have fallen out of it a little bit, so they’re using ‘my insanity’ as an excuse, I guess.”

The Jets traded for Robinson less than 24 hours after losing the rising star Press Hall Injury at the end of the season. Robinson rushed for 340 yards, three touchdowns and 4.2 averaged in seven games with the Jaguar.

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