Report: Trump has highly sensitive documents on Iran and China in Mar-a-Lago, and yes, that’s as bad as it sounds

Quick question: is there any justifiable and undisguised reason Former President of the United States He will leave the White House with classified information on two countries With Regards as enemies– one of them is public threatened to attackHiding the said information in his house, then refusing to give it back despite asking you to do so many times? Quick answer: No! There is definitely no! There is literally just incredibly suspicious! Which is why it’s really bad Donald Trump He claimed he did exactly that.

The Washington Post Reports According to people familiar with the situation, some classified documents removed during the August 8 raid on Mar-a-Lago “include highly sensitive intelligence information relating to Iran and China”. If at this time you are wondering whether such highly sensitive information could be about, say, the best places to have breakfast in Tehran and Beijing, and think that this might not be as bad as it seems, we are sorry for that. I inform you that this is not the case. according to Mail, At least one of the documents found during the FBI raid “describes Iran’s missile program,” while others describe “a highly sensitive intelligence work targeting China.” People who spoke with the outlet said that if the information in question is shared with others, it can, per reporter Devlin Barrett, Expose the intelligence-gathering methods that the United States wants to hide from the world. And if these documents fall into the wrong hands, they could jeopardize human resources that aid US intelligence efforts, threaten collection methods, and lead to adversaries’ retaliation against the United States.

In other words, it’s a pretty big deal for Trump to have that kind of thing at the for-profit Palm Beach Resort and Residences, and it could tip the scales when it comes to the decision to indict him for a crime. “The extraordinary sensitivity of these documents, and the reckless disclosure of sources and methods that are invaluable to US intelligence capabilities in relation to these foreign adversaries, will certainly influence the Department of Justice’s decision as to whether Mr. Trump or others should be charged with willful retention of national defense information under the Espionage Act.” David Loveman A former senior official in the Ministry of Justice, told Mail.

Trump’s spokesman did not respond to MailComment requests. After the story was published, the former president took to social media to talk about the “document hoax,” writing: “Who can trust the corrupt and armed agencies, which include NARA… Also, who knows what NARA and the FBI docs factory are doing, or we’re asking from Docs – We’ll never know, right?”

Last month Mail mentioned That “a document describing a foreign government’s military defenses, including its nuclear capabilities, was found by FBI agents who searched former President Donald Trump’s residence and private club.” It is not clear whether this document pertains to China, Iran or another country.

Since the FBI raided the Palm Beach resort in August, Trump and his allies have debunked all kinds of excuses: why it was entirely reasonable for him to have hundreds of classified documents, including top-secret documents, that he would not have kept. . Among other things, the 45th president insisted that the documents in question be declassified, saying that the reason some in his administration claim this is not true is because He declassified them with his mind and didn’t tell anyone.

earlier this month, Mail mentioned That a Trump employee told the Justice Department that he moved boxes of documents in Mar-a-Lago at the former president’s request, while New York times She reported that a Trump aide had been caught on camera boxes at the club. The transfer of the boxes reportedly occurred before and after Trump received a subpoena in May ordering him to hand everything over.

The January 6 Committee formally summons Trump

In keeping with his previous order: investigations into his actions, the odds are high to very high and he’s ignoring them. for every CNN:

The committee issued a subpoena to try to force Trump to take oath and submit documents. The committee orders Trump to turn in documents by November 4 and either appear in person or in person for “one or more days of the Certificate of Deposit beginning on or about November 14.” While it is not clear whether Trump will comply with the subpoena, the procedure serves as a way for the committee to flag and make clear that they want direct information from Trump while the committee investigates the attack. Trump could also fight the subpoena in court, possibly sparking a very large fight that could reach the highest level of the nation’s judiciary, but it’s also possible that such a legal challenge will last longer than the commission’s mandate.

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