Ren Lin brings his infectious allure to the depths of the main event with five diamonds

Ren Lin

“Down, Tom Brady!”

If you hear this at a poker table instead of a game of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you’re probably sitting near you Ren LinAnd, if you’re in his hand when you hear it, it probably won’t be good for you.

Tournament Crusher, who is originally from China and now lives in New York City, really hit the scene last year with a huge World Series of Poker. That two months saw him earn over $1 million through 14 funds including a runner-up in the $50,000 High Roller Race to Mikita Badziakowski for $903,610.

Lin entered on the 4th of World Poker Tour (WPT) Five Diamond World Poker Classic 3rd in chips with only 30 players left and was close to the top of chips from day one with his eyes on his first WPT title.

“If I win? Oh, I just can’t believe it. That would be crazy.”

Lin’s last win on the Aria High Roller came in 2021 for $147,600. It was his first recorded win since his days playing minor tournaments in Las Vegas in the mid-2010s.

While it is listed in Hendon Mob With his native American Augusta moving from China in 2004, his $2,418,598 career tournament win would have him ninth on Georgia’s all-time money list and eighth on China’s all-time list.

Ren Lin
Ren Lin

From games to poker

Like quite a few poker players, the most famous of them is “Elky” Bertrand GrospelierLin, 38, found poker in 2015 after once as a professional video game player.

“I played video games like Elky. All my friends and teammates, they retired at like 28, (he is) older, 28. So, they retired and played poker, and I followed them and played poker too.”

Who loves her more?

The list of Lynn’s achievements in the tournament over the past two years is long. Scroll through him Hendon Mob The page shows that his money in the Five Diamond main event will be 40 in 2022 alone.

These results were broken down into segments during the year, with 14 of them appearing in this year’s World Series of Poker, five in the spring at the US Open and Wynn High Rollers, and another 16 playing online in Canada during the WSOP Online Series on GG Poker, It is a site that Lynn has sponsored for the past two years.

“Tom Brady is my favorite football player. I love him. So, every time when I hit the river I say Touchdown, Tom Brady.”

Despite repeated success, Lin says he considers himself a part-time player.

“I have a lot of things to do. I have a job in New York, so I don’t play full time, but when I have time, I just want to play in the tournament. I love tournaments.”

“Come on, boss.”

While his success is undeniably on the line, it is Lynn’s charismatic, table-top personality that has made him one of the most popular players in any series he appears in.

look through poker news‘Covering his second place in it $50,000 from WSOP High Roller It shows how much fun he has at the table. Along with his famous catchphrases “Touchdown Tom Brady” and “No Gamble, No Future,” Lane would instantly come up with nicknames for his opponents, including dubbing Stephen Chidwick “Boss Man” and Daniel Negriano The “coach” is on the final table.

Negreanu has nothing to do but praise for his GG teammate.

“Easily the most fun new player I’ve encountered in the last year or so. Rin is a breath of fresh air and always blows.”

Lynn says the playful chatter stems from just wanting to keep things light on the table.

“Because most poker players are so focused, I just want to make the tables comfortable. I want to make it fun. Tournaments play long days, like 14-16 hours a day. I just want to make things fun.”

About the origin of his most famous phrase, Lane said, “Tom Brady is my favorite football player. I love him. So, every time when I hit the river I say Touchdown, Tom Brady.”

For anyone thinking they’ve been told too much about Lane, rest assured he’ll drop “Touchdown Tom Brady” more times, too.

With Brady struggling a bit this season, when asked if he’d consider changing his phrase to incorporate another NFL quarterback, he shook his head and replied, “No, he’s still my favourite.”

Ren Lin
Ren Lin

Lin has become a favorite of many in the poker world who play with him or meet him, because his positive attitude at the table has made him well liked by many, including the tournament directors who run the events in which he plays. Aria Tournament Poker Director Paul Campbell, who works on the Five Diamond floor, explained how Lin makes their days in the tournament even better.

“Obviously when they get really deep into any tournament or when it’s a big tournament, there’s a certain level of seriousness, the tension is almost just about the action from the players. But Ren is a charismatic character who makes the players feel comfortable. When the players are comfortable, it’s not just fun for us. Not only do I feel like they play poker better too. If they’re just enjoying themselves, it’s just going to be a much more fun event.”

Something new in the sleeve?

If, on the other hand, Lin asked if he had some new phrases in the works, he sarcastically said, “Maybe,” but admitted that if he had already done the Five Diamond Final Table, he would come up with something new, but he wouldn’t. reveal to poker news What will happen.

“Secret,” he said with a wry smile.

The WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic It is a $10,400 entry fee course, $5 million GTD Championship starting from October 19-23. The WPT Five Diamond is the longest-running WPT tournament, held at the Bellagio since 2002. It has stood the test of time, and holds unique historical significance as the starting point for the World Series of Poker. poker news It will feature daily content from the event, so stay tuned for more great WPT summaries, stories, and more!

*Images provided by WPT/Joe Giron.

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