Relive the memories of the ancient world magic of Mr. Si

These five restaurants received the most votes in a poll about the most missed closed restaurants in the area

Known for its Italian cuisine, year-round Christmas lights, outdoor plaza, and street art scenes on the walls, Mister C’s has been an Omaha landmark for decades.

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Sheritha Jones Omaha World Herald Chief Librarian

Chris Machian, World Herald

Did you know Mister C’s, 5319 N. 30th St. , started in 1953 as a Royal Boy car restaurant, with carhops? Beginning in 1964, Sebastiano (Jiano) Caniglia and his wife, Marie, began expanding it into a full-service restaurant with five dining rooms for 600 people. At its peak, the restaurant could seat 500 people upstairs, 300 downstairs, 100 in the lounge and 500 outdoors.

Along with a number of family members involved in the operation, Mr. C had a large and loyal cadre of staff. I worked there about 12 waitresses for over 20 years.

The restaurant was once one of Omaha’s most popular restaurants as well as a tourist attraction of sorts, much like taking a trip to Las Vegas. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, escaping to brunch, or attending a wedding on the outside courtyard, your dining experience has been infused with old world charm from the moment you walked in through the wood-carved door.

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Let’s remember our entry through the wrought iron gates, the walk through the fountain and entry into the wonderful Omaha Steakhouse where Christmas was all year round.

Mr. C Steakhouse

1989: Yano Caniglia’s last project was the stately outdoor garden, Piazza di Maria. It was built in honor of his wife Mary.

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Mary Holiday rushes hot dishes to her tables.  Some of the waitresses have been her 14, some since she was 14.  This w...

2007: Mary Holiday rushes hot dishes to the tables. Some of the waitresses have been working in the restaurant since 14 years, others since she was 14.

Laura Innes, world herald

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2007: A life-size clip of Mister C’s family filled a false balcony in the restaurant’s cavernous facade. The steakhouse closed permanently in 2007.

Jeff Bundy, World Herald

Mary Wyano Caniglia as Mr C's Steakhouse by Mike Kelley / OWH

2007: Marie and Jano Caniglia at Mister C’s Steakhouse.

Mike Kelly, World Herald

Mr. C's dining room

2007: Mr. C has hosted thousands of family celebrations for anniversaries, birthdays and other occasions. Fans loved the generous portions and distinctive decorations.

Laura Innes, world herald

Leif Mister C.  jpg

1986: Mr. C Steakhouse.

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Mr. Restaurant  C.'s at 30 & Fort.

1967: At its peak, the restaurant could seat 500 people upstairs, 300 downstairs, 100 in the lounge and 500 outdoors.

Richard Anderson, World Herald

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