Reds diary: injuries, predictions and Jesse Winker

In late September we found out that Art Warren had undergone a UCL overhaul. But the Savior did not undergo Tommy John’s surgery. The expectation with UCL repair rather than Tommy John surgery is that you can come back sooner in many cases. The exact type of repair he performed is not specified, although it is almost certain that he had an internal brace installed along with the repair. Bobby Nightingale of the Cincinnati Inquirer mentioned This week, Warren will miss the entire 2023 season. On Monday, Jim Walker took a look at Warren, as well as many other painkillers to predict Who can be non-bid. Walker cashed in on a no-bid Warren before he knew he would miss the whole next season.

With Warren out in 2023, and not knowing if he’ll turn red in 2023, this has led to thinking about other Threats who were hit in 2022 but expected to return in 2023. John has surgery, but is expected to be ready to move on in the next season. Lucas Sims and Tony Santillan both suffered back injuries last season. While they both performed last year, they were also out for a long period of time to finish the season.

Bullpen Cincinnati has been basically Alexis Diaz and many question marks throughout the season. It’s an area that the team needs to tackle, but even when they do, there will be a lot of question marks in the season. Antone, Sims, and Santillan have all been very good painkillers in the past. But Antone is back from Tommy John’s second surgery and there isn’t a very long list of guys who have done it. Sims underwent surgery due to a herniated disc in his back. Santillan’s back injury cost him his last 101 games of the 2023 season. Back injuries can be long-term problems for some people. It certainly puts the Reds in a position where they have to hope for the best here but they also have to count on these players for 2023.

One person unlikely to be in the conversation is Ryan Hendricks. He was set for appointment and acquitted last week. He chose to go to Free Agency rather than direct admission to Triple-A.

Jesse Winker…

Back in March when the lockdown was over, the Cincinnati Reds made several deals and one of those deals sent defensive player Jesse Winker to Seattle. The Mariners went on to play the playoffs, but Winker was injured late in the season and was put on the injury list for the last week with a neck problem.

The Mariners would lose in the playoffs, sweeping the Houston Astros in three first-round games. Ryan Divish of the Seattle Times was on the Brock and Salk Podcast sharing his opinions on Winker and basically described Winker as lazy and unwilling to work towards getting better. Divish hasn’t said he’s heard any of the things Winker has called out from others, but he has consistently said that he notices these things on a daily basis while covering the team. He even speculated that the team might go ahead.

Jerry DePoto, Mariners president of baseball operations, observed yesterday That Winker has had surgery on his knee and is going to have surgery on his neck. He also indicated that he is confident that Wanker’s offensive production will return to form in 2023.

While in Cincinnati, there were no public complaints about Jesse Winker’s work ethic. And at times we’ve heard about the work he did to improve his defense and other off-season, his speed.

Check the probabilities of falling the ball

Things are going well for a few prospects of the Cincinnati Reds in Major League Baseball in the fall and winter. But it’s pretty extreme in terms of how things work in general. Players who do well do really well, but players who don’t do well, perform poorly as one would imagine.

Goodies are Elie de la Cruz, Sam Pinchoter, and Isiah Gilliam.

In the Dominican Winter League, Reds’ player of the year, Eli de la Cruz, announced his presence at Lidom (Liga de Beisbol Professional de la Dominicana) in the first week of the season. On his first appearance with Licey, he hit .444/.524/.667 with two pinch bases, seven RBIs, and three runs in five games (four starts, one pinch back). This performance was strong enough to earn him Player of the Week among the outstanding players.

Isaiah Gilliam, a turnaround player who signed a minor league contract with the Reds as a free agent ahead of the 2022 season, has been doing well in the Mexican Winter League for the first week and a half. Last night saw him hit the Grand Slam in overtimes to give his team the lead and he stayed behind and watched it for a while too.

He now scores .300/.432/.500 with more walks (7) than hits (6) in eight games Culiacan has played. This year’s regular season, he split time between Double-A Chattanooga and Triple-A Louisville hitting .274/.361/.496 with 18 home runs and 13 base steals in 14 attempts.

In Arizona, it was Sam Pinshutter who stood out among the Reds’ prospects in the Arizona Fall League. He’s thrown 8.0 innings without points, making two starts and one satisfaction look so far. He’s only walked once in that time and hit five hitters.

The other three shooters in Arizona have WHIPs of 2.36, 2.43 and 2.67 just to put into perspective how much they struggled in their limited action. The three players the Reds sent into the Fall League come in at 0.167, 200 and .217. I went to More details at about these offers If you are interested in further reading.

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