Red Sox notebook: Bloom says talks to keep Bogaerts will start immediately

BOSTON – With the season now over, the Red Sox plan to turn their full attention to re-signing Xander Bogaerts.

Boston’s chief baseball official Haim Blum said Thursday that signing the Bogaerts is a top priority as the Offseason begins. This process will start immediately.

“I absolutely don’t want to announce any blow after blow, but what I can say is that this process will start immediately from our end,” Bloom said. “Obviously we know we haven’t found that path yet. We still want it. We will work hard on it.”

Bogarts’ contract is still under contract for the next few weeks. Within five days of the end of the World Championships (between November 6 and November 10, depending on how long the series is), Bogarts will have to decide whether or not to exercise his no-participation clause and become a free agent. If it comes to this point, Bogarts will almost certainly quit because he will be getting a significant increase from his current salary ($20 million a year) on the open market.

The Red Sox and Bogaerts have not discussed a deal during the regular season and it is not clear if plans have been made for the two sides to meet in an official setting in the coming days. But Bloom made it look like most of October will be spent focusing on shortstop mode.

“Yes,” Bloom said when asked if Bogart was the top priority. “Just because of the timing of his free agency. Obviously, until we achieve beyond the world championships, there are a lot of other things we can plan and not do.”

Raphael Developers Eligible for free agency after the 2023 season and the Red Sox are hoping to discuss a long-term deal with him this season.

Bloom was asked if he would enjoy trading Devers if a deal was not reached this winter.

“I generally don’t think that we or any organization should say, ‘Well, I can guarantee you X or Y.’ , in theory, there is always something someone could put in front of you that it would be foolish to walk away from.” But that’s not on our radar. He’s #1 first and foremost, he’s a guy we want to build around. It is very important to what we do. Hopefully he will be here not only next year but in the years to come. I think we are in our position now, and we fully expect and intend to be able to put a really good team on the field that can win next year. This is really important. And I don’t see how we make life easier on ourselves by not being a part of it, let alone for the years to come.”

Devers hitter 0.25 by 358 on base, .521 slow ratio, .879 OPS, 27 homers, 42 doubles, one triples, 84 innings, 88 RBI in 141 games (614 appearances for the board). His production declined in the second half but he suffered a hamstring injury.

I love Bloom Loved what he’s seen of fishermen Reese McGuire and Conor Wong over the last month as they split time.

But he also plans to take a look at the catches available outside of the organization in this off-season as he builds his roster for 2023.

“This is one area where I fully expect that we will be exploring additions,” Bloom said. “It is good to know that we have two people who know how we do things, and they have shown a lot of good things. But we owe it to ourselves and everyone who cares about this team to look to improve and the catcher will certainly be no exception.”

The Red Sox traded Christian Vázquez for the Astros and acquired McGuire from the White Sox on the trade deadline.

27-year-old McGuire went 33 for 98 (hitting average 337) with .37 on a percentage basis, .500 idlers, .877 OPS, three homers, five doubles, one triples, 13 rounds and 12 RBI in 36 games for Boston. The previous first-round pick (14th in 2013) dropped 5 of 12 base steal attempts (42%).

The 26-year-old Wong, who was acquired by Boston in a Mookie Betts deal in February 2020, went 9-for-48 (.188) with three doubles in 27 games. 3 of 21 attempted theft rules were kicked out (14%).

Boston appointed Kevin Blawicki to the assignment in mid-September to give McGuire and Wong more actors for their 2023 evaluation.

“I think these two guys showed really well, and that’s good for them, good for us,” Bloom said. “We didn’t want to be in the situation we were in in the end, but we tried to make the most of the position in terms of giving them the opportunity for their growth and benefit and also for our benefit. So I think they definitely raised the ground for what we had.”

Boston also has catching Ronaldo Hernandez in its roster of 40 players. He is expected to get a rare fourth option in the minor league next season.

Wilson Contreras, Vasquez, Omar Narvaez, and Mike Zunino are among the suspended agent hunters.

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